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Releases Results of Triple-Blind Study Comparing Two Botulinum-based Injectables

New York, NY – November 5, 2013 - Based on a triple blind study conducted by triple board certified, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, a test of the efficacy and safety of popular injectables, brand named “Botox” and “Dysport;” it is now affirmed that Dysport delivers faster and longer lasting results than other comparative botulinum toxins.

The results: A higher percentage of the 85 patients participating in the survey showed faster and longer lasting improvements with Dysport vs. Botox. Overall the study indicated that Dysport had a more immediate effect in those tested, and it lasted longer than Botox. 83% of patients injected with Dysport still showed a decrease in wrinkles in the frown area after three months (vs. 48% with Botox.) 65% of those injected with Dysport showed an immediate and long-term difference in the crow’s feet area vs. 47% with Botox, the alternative Botulinum injection.

“Until this study the evidence regarding the comparative efficacy of Dysport had been largely anecdotal,” says Dr. Kassir. “But this triple blind study clearly demonstrates that Dysport lasts longer and works faster than comparative botulinum injections. Although it is just as safe as other comparative brands, Dysport, based on our study results works faster. This is the study so many have been waiting for: A clear demonstration of long-term comparative efficacy conducted over a substantial interval of more than 90 days.”

Dr. Kassir’s Triple Blind Study – Wrinkle Wars: Dysport vs Botox                         


  • Differences were observed in the duration before improvement of wrinkles: A larger number of patients had a quicker onset of action with Dysport than with the comparative botulinum toxin (Botox).
  • After three months, Dysport was active for a larger percentage in the frown (area between nose and eyes) and crow’s feet regions; although there was an increase in the number of patients who reported no difference between the two treatments at this time.
  • Response rates for both Dysport and Botox were equivalent in both frown and crows feet regions up to approximately three months; however, the response rates were higher at four and five months with Dysport. Patient satisfaction findings were generally consistent at each time point.


  • In conclusion, Dr. Kassir’s experience with Dysport demonstrated a longer duration of activity and faster results in a larger number of patients in comparison with Botox when used at a dose ratio of 2.5:1 in the frown region (between the nose and eyes) and 3:1 in the crow’s feet region.
  • The safety profile was similar for both products. These findings from Dr. Kassir’s triple blind study suggest that Dysport is a safe effective alternative to Botox when injected for treatment of wrinkles in the frown and crow’s feet areas.
  • For the frown area, Dr. Ramtin Kassir recommends more concentrated forms, more injection areas, and more superficial injections to decrease the incidence of brow or eyelidptosis (loss of elasticity and resulting droopiness) and to decrease the migration of treatment.

Interviews with Dr. Ramtin Kassir leader of the triple blind study of the wrinkle-reducing effects of both Dysport and Botox are available. A detailed report on his findings is also available on request. Please contact:


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