Chance for riders to have their say on wind turbines

Horse riders and carriage drivers across the UK will be able to express their views on wind turbines in a survey being conducted by The British Horse Society (BHS).

Wind turbines are increasingly common in parts of Britain, from single domestic installations to large wind farms. Some equestrians are already riding or driving close to or among wind turbines but others are concerned about the safety of themselves or their horses in the vicinity of turbines.

The British Horse Society wants to identify any concerns surrounding wind turbine developments in order to guide its policies and support its responses to planning applications. Replies to the questionnaire will provide evidence of equestrians' needs that can be used in responding to proposed turbine developments, and ensure the BHS is operating on fact and not assumption.

If you are a rider or driver your experiences and concerns about horses and wind turbines could help to protect the interests of all equestrians around wind farms. Please take a moment to complete the survey at

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