New giant in online content emerges from tech hub Sweden

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The need for huge volumes of “always on” quality content has advertisers increasingly sharing the same needs as traditional broadcasters, says the newly formed Chimney Vigor Group (CVG)—which now sees itself prepared to assist with this demand “more than any other company in the world”

Stockholm, Sweden (September 24, 2019)—Following its merge with California-based content distribution and media solutions leader Vigor, the Chimney Group is setting itself up for growth and further international reach—positioning itself as a serious contender in the global content production and distribution industry.                             

Vigor operates the biggest and most advanced content distribution network and monitoring system in the broadcast industry, delivering nearly 75% of syndicated TV content in the US, with clients including giants CBS, Fox and Warner. Founded in 1996 in Sweden, The Chimney Group has long built its reputation as an innovative global creative studio with offices in four continents, using a unique mix of creativity and smart content management and distribution. Its client roster includes Netflix, Facebook, H&M, and Atlas Copco, among hundreds of others.

Operational from Autumn 2019 with full implementation by March 2020, CVG will be one of the largest privately-owned content studios in Europe. Combining Vigor’s tech experience of managing masses of content with Chimney’s communications creative solutions, CVG will be able to create, manage and distribute thousands of assets a month of content, and expects to double its revenue and client base in the coming years.  

“All trends are pointing in the direction of the need for ever-increasing quantity and quality, storage, tech solutions, and adaptable ways of creating personalized content for target groups,” Group CEO Henric Larsson said. “Clients today typically seek hundreds of outputs for a single campaign, compared to just 5 years ago when they might have been able to get away with a 30-second spot and a handful of cut downs,” he added.

CVG, employing nearly 500 people and covering the USA, EU and APAC regions, expects to gain significant control of this explosive video market, continuing to service existing as well as new multinational and larger local clients.

“Chimney and Vigor’s combined strengths place us as pioneers in the future of media, entertainment and brand solutions, catering to the key need for faster and more efficient brand development and management—combined with a strong base in creativity,” Larsson added.

Contact info
CEO, Chimney Vigor Group
Henric Larsson
+46 70 824 1118

Marketing Manager, Chimney Vigor Group
Norhan Elhakeem
+46 73 645 9835

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About Chimney Group
Chimney is a global, full-service creation studio excelling in brand marketing, advertising and entertainment content. Fusing strategy, production, technology and creativity, our 300+ employees work with an integrated process to deliver value to our clients. From ideation to distribution, each team member focuses on a holistic outcome born by openness and collaboration.

About Vigor
OneVigor, Inc. is a privately owned, media technology solutions company with a thriving network of technology partners and customers within the media, cable and broadcast industries. Founded in 2002, the company provides content distribution, ad insertion, and media solutions for some of the biggest networks and brands in the world.

In Depth

As technology becomes increasingly fine-tuned, so are global brands’ target market segments. With this increased demand for targeted advertising, annual spend on digital video ads is forecast to increase by 17%, reaching $43 billion by 2020.

But with stagnant or declining budgets, corporations are struggling to keep up with production of the required high quality content, at mass volume. The solution, says CVG, is automizing content production—the critical gap that Vigor’s nearly 20 years of software building experience fills.

CVG’s step into the world of data-driven, live and dynamic content enables marketing teams to create more and better adverts and communications solutions in less time.

Creativity + Tech

While there are at least 50,000 marketing tech products on the market today, tech alone cannot solve the need for mass volumes and seamless content production and distribution—creativity is key to create impact, says Vigor’s CEO, Magnus Sorlander.

“The challenge has always been to join creativity with the processes and automation needed,” Sorlander said. “Tech boosts and supports creativity and together they deliver a higher impact than if standing alone.”

Vigor’s experience with entertainment, advertising and user generated content distribution will now thrive next to the award-winning creative powerhouse Chimney Group, adds Sorlander.

“We are removing complexity, implementing governance and providing centralised, transparent control,” said Larsson. “The result is reduced costs, improved collaboration, and simpler workflows. We’re gearing up for the future, but our biggest clients are already here, so we need this now.”




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