The Memory Business is excited about Life In A Day, an exciting video collaboration project running today from YouTube & Ridley Scott

The professional home video editors at The Memory Business ( are watching with interest the Life in a Day project, a fascinating exercise in video crowd sourcing run by Ridley Scott, Kevin MacDonald, YouTube and LG. These internationally renowned film makers are asking members of the public around the world to shoot and submit video of their lives today, 24th July 2010. They describe it as "a unique experiment in social filmmaking, and a time capsule that will forever tell future generations what it was like to be alive on July 24, 2010".

James Ritchie, Director of The Memory Business explains why this unique project is so exciting: “As professional video editors focused on editing home movies for families and consumers, The Memory Business know just how compelling and valuable footage can be. Whether of weddings, birthday parties, holidays or simple everyday life, home video footage captures powerful memories. Given how easy it is now for most of us to capture video with our mobile phones and dedicated video cameras, Life In A Day is a great idea for harvesting creative energy into a single collective effort, and it is exciting to be see it backed by such renowned filmmakers.”  Be sure to check out Kevin Macdonald talking passionately about the project at and then get filming right away!

James continues “One thing we at The Memory Business are going to watch with interest is what happens with the project after today. As professional video editors we know that shooting the video is just the start of the process; the decisions on how to edit raw video shot by complete strangers and transform it into a compelling finished product takes time, experience and skill. Joe Walker will be editing the Life In A Day footage and he has a new video up today. I really hope we'll see the Life In A Day team try some collaborative means of editing all the footage they receive. I think that could be equally as fascinating as the shooting of raw video this Saturday.”

James Ritchie, Director
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