Two mothers have joined forces and started their own business aimed to make lives with children easier by keeping them up to date with events happening all over the North East.

Newcastle Parents has been set up by friends Laura Middleton and Kelly Belmont after their over the river counterpart, Sunderland Parents proved to be so successful. Frustrated after taking their children to events only to find them postponed or cancelled, Laura and Kelly decided to set up an informative website advising others on updated information on what’s happening around the region. Together they visited The North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) and were appointed business adviser, Debbie Simpson.  Laura said:

“We were always the ones who would turn up to an event which was just finishing or had been postponed so that’s where the idea came from, we originally started the website because it was information that we wanted to know ourselves”.

“We visited the BIC where we discussed with Debbie about different options and how we could make our idea into a viable business. Debbie was great she really got behind our idea and continues to support us. We launched Sunderland Parents in October last year and have never looked back since. After it became so popular we decided to go for it and launch Newcastle Parents as we have been asked many times when we will be doing it. It’s a really exciting time.”

Kelly adds: “We, as parents, need to know about parking, is there any, is it free, do you need money for rides and will there be food and drink. All of these factors are taken into consideration when advertising events on our website. We want to be confident that what we are telling people is valuable information. For all the events are not ours we have become a trusted voice.

“The fact that the website has spread through word of mouth alone makes us incredibly proud and during half term we were receiving over 1000 visitors to the site each day and peaked at 3000. We are unbelievably busy but luckily we live just around the corner from each other and most nights can be found together making plans, thinking of new ideas and contacting people.”

Debbie adds:

“As soon as Laura and Kelly came to the BIC I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and determination for keeping parents up to date and ensuring that their little ones have fabulous days out, which is what it is all about. I wish Laura and Kelly all the best with their business venture and look forward to seeing it grow all over the North East.  

“If there is anyone out there wondering if self employment is for them I urge them to get in touch with the BIC. We offer a wide range of products and services to anyone wishing to start their own business.”

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Sarah Spence, Communications Executive

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