Blondes May Have More Fun, But Brunettes Drink More Iced Tea According to Tetley Survey

(June 3, 2013 – Montvale, NJ): Balmier weather is working its way across the states, and rising temperatures mean more Americans will be reaching for a refreshing glass of iced tea. Tetley USA was thirsting for some insight into the trends and habits surrounding this brewed beverage, as well as the characteristics of the people doing the brewing, so they asked iced tea lovers to weigh in. In honor of National Iced Tea Month, the classic British tea brand is revealing its findings.

Sweet tea and southerners go hand in hand; it is, after all, known as the signature drink of the South. Survey respondents agreed with this sentiment, with 63.7% stating that they thought the best iced or sweet tea comes from the southern region of the country. What is surprising, however, is that the northeast made up the highest number of actual iced tea drinkers. And of all those east coasters, who would expect Pennsylvania to come out at the top of the list? That’s right— the Keystone State is home to the highest number of iced tea drinkers.

Whether or not blondes actually have more fun is for another survey, but an overwhelming majority of iced tea drinkers do sport a darker-hued brunette locks (52%) compared to the fun-loving blondes (21.7%), with redheads accounting for only 8.7% of iced tea-loving survey respondents.

When it comes to actually making a tasty summer sipper, culinary creativity abounds. The majority of respondents developed their own recipe for iced tea (59.4%) rather than using a recipe handed down by family members (30.9%) or one from a magazine or website (5.4%). The basis for these recipes, freshly brewed iced or sweet tea, typically begins with boiling water in a pot (72.5%) rather than the slower method of brewing tea in a jar in the sun (20%).

One other surprising find is that the Tea Party does not have the highest number of iced tea drinkers. In fact, Democrats (29.8%) edged out Republicans (25.7%) in the vote of who drinks more iced tea. Independents, at 19.2% of the vote, may demand a recount.

Of course, there are some tried-and-true traditions many iced tea lovers have in common, regardless of recipe variation. Fresh lemon is the most commonly used flavor enhancer (77.2%), and sugar the top choice to sweeten the deal (49.8%). Other fun flavor enhancers include fresh mint (9.2%), lime (4.2%), and orange (3.7%).

“At Tetley we know that as much as a cup of hot tea can be soothing and comforting, nothing beats a refreshing iced tea on a sizzling summer day,” said Marc Birnbaum, Marketing Executive at Tetley USA.

Most people enjoy their iced tea as a lunchtime accompaniment or late afternoon treat, but it can also serve as a morning wake-up call, the choice drink with dinner, a late morning pick-me-up or nighttime refreshment. No matter what time, method, or geographic area one chooses for enjoying this cool brew, iced and sweet teas are a warm weather thirst quencher Americans love to indulge in.

The survey was conducted over a 9-day period in May 2013 via a survey posted on the Tetley USA Facebook page.

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The northeast made up the highest number of actual iced tea drinkers.
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At Tetley we know that as much as a cup of hot tea can be soothing and comforting, nothing beats a refreshing iced tea on a sizzling summer day
Marc Birnbaum, Marketing Executive at Tetley USA