Exclusive BUTI Workout Videos Spice Up the Launch of Bold New Flavors from Good Earth Tea

(March 1, 2013 – Montvale, NJ): Good Earth Tea, Inc., maker of unique and untamed blends, today announced the introduction of two daring new flavors to add to its line of wondrous fusions: Cocoa Tango and Sweetly Twisted.  To celebrate the launch of these new gutsy teas, Good Earth Tea worked with Bizzie Gold, the founder of BUTI Fitness, to develop three customized BUTI workouts exclusively for Good Earth and inspired by these two distinctive new flavors, along with the brand’s signature Sweet & Spicy™ blend.  These out-of-the-ordinary flavors easily lent themselves to be the inspiration for cutting edge new BUTI Fitness routines, which combine yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics for a pulsating cardio fusion. 

Cocoa Tango, the epitome of tea untamed, is a black tea blend that features the sweet and sensually smooth flavor of cocoa, which envelops an unpredictably fiery hit of chili pepper.  Sweetly Twisted, an intriguing black and herbal blend, starts sweetly enough only to take an unexpected tangy twist that keeps the drinker guessing, leading to a refreshing finish.  Sweet and Spicy, the one of a kind fusion with hints of cinnamon and orange that is unlike any other tea on the market, remains Good Earth’s signature tea.

Gold created brand new, distinctive choreography named for these vivid tea blends and incorporated each into three full 45-minute BUTI workout routines exclusively for Good Earth.  BUTI Fitness offers a paid subscription program, but these unique workouts will be available free of charge through the Good Earth Tea website, GoodEarth.com and via the brand’s social media channels, including YouTube. This will be the first time that full-length BUTI Fitness videos have been available to stream online, and the Good Earth properties are the only place to access these completely free full BUTI workouts.

“Bizzie Gold and her BUTI Fitness program are a perfect match for the Good Earth Tea brand – lively, exuberant and unreserved,” said Anna Corini, Marketing Executive, Good Earth.  “Bizzie and her BUTI Fitness program capture the essence of our wondrous fusions: bold and unexpected with just the right amount of intrigue – just like our new Cocoa Tango and Sweetly Twisted blends, and our classic Sweet & Spicy.  We are so excited to introduce our new teas through these workouts she created just for us.”

“I have been a fan of Good Earth Tea for years – I drink their Sweet & Spicy blend all the time, so I was thrilled to help the brand launch these amazing new flavors with workouts that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Gold.  “They are a perfect way to curb cravings for something sweet without the need to add sugar, and I love drinking them iced during my workouts or hot throughout the day.”

The new Cocoa Tango and Sweetly Twisted blends from Good Earth Tea will be available beginning March 2013 at GoodEarth.com and in west coast retailers.  Both flavors come in an 18-count box with a suggested retail price of $4.49.  The Good Earth Tea-inspired BUTI Fitness videos are available at GoodEarth.com and on the brand’s social media channels.

The program was conceived and executed by The S3 Agency, a full-service advertising, public relations and social media agency located in Boonton, New Jersey.

About Good Earth Tea:

One of the first American herbal companies and a leader in specialty tea, Good Earth Tea offers a tea adventure like no other, taking inspiration from the earth’s wonders to transform rich flavors from around the world into vivid and intriguing blends such as Sweet & Spicy, Green Tea Lemongrass, and Superfruit White Tea with Mangosteen and Mango. Good Earth Tea is part of the Tata Group, the largest India-headquartered multinational in North America, that also includes Eight O'Clock Coffee and Tetley Tea. On Facebook: www.facebook.com/GoodEarthTea.  On Twitter: @GoodEarthTea.  On YouTube: www.youtube.com/GoodEarthTea.  Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/GoodEarthTea.com.  For more information, please visit www.goodearthtea.com.

About BUTI Fitness:

BUTI is a high-intensity workout that fuses yoga and dance with circuits of plyometrics and conditioning. Classes range from 60-90 minutes and consist of deep stretching, BUTI shaking and heart-pounding cardio. BUTI dance moves are taken from various styles that focus on an intense shaking of the hips (and BUTI) including Miami Booty Dance, Brazilian Baile Funk, Hip Hop, Crunk and African Tribal. BUTI is sure to get your energy high and your abs tight! Created by yoga and fitness expert Bizzie Gold, BUTI is at the cutting-edge of modern fitness. With a strong background in competitive skiing and a love for CrossFit, Gold focused on fusing plyometric drills with the traditional yoga “vinyasa” to maximize calorie burn while attaining long, lean muscle tone. To learn more about BUTI and Bizzie Gold, visit butifitness.com 

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