A Book of Children’s Rhymes by Lowesby author Pixie Dean is a delightful and fun read for children aged 6 and upwards

Pixie Dean’s charming book brings together magic, fun and wild imagination that will amuse children aged 6+

A Book of Children’s Rhymes is a delightful and fun read for children aged 6+. It brings together a mixture of hilarious, magical, and imaginative stories written in the style of rhyme, parodies and limericks that will captivate children’s imagination.

The book is packed full of colourful and amusing illustrations that complement the poems and rhymes. A Book of Children’s Rhymes will appeal to both girls and boys and is suitable for independent reading for older children or for being read to for younger children. The book is lots of fun and will be treasured by children of all ages.

Pixie was born in Leicestershire and is the mother of two boys. She has always loved writing poetry. She has had a 15-verse poem and many limericks printed in the Daily Mail. Pixie, who is now available for interview, takes inspiration from a number of authors, but especially Roald Dahl. “I have been writing poetry since the age of 7 and I have continued to write poetry of all genres – but mostly for friends and for personal pleasure! As my sons got older, they encouraged me to get my work published.” remarks Pixie. Review copies of A Book of Children’s Rhymes are now available on request.

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