Andrew Scott shares his unique and innovative approach to becoming more effective at work

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Andrew Scott’s innovative new book Shifting Stories takes a revolutionary approach to addressing organisational life so that you can coach people effectively and get your team to work more successfully.

Andrew, who is based in Cumbria, started a five year journey exploring different approaches ranging from Narrative Therapy to CBT, and has developed a unique method that helps people to re-write the stories that they and others hold which impede their effectiveness.

Written in three sections, What’s the Big Idea?, The ManyStory Approach in Practice, and Concluding Thoughts, each section of Shifting Stories works towards the reader having a deeper understanding of how to help others to be more effective at work.

Section One describes how we all live our lives through story, how problems may arise because of the stories people have created, how we can make stories come true, for good or for ill, and how we can work with stories to achieve better outcomes. Section Two details how we can apply the ManyStory Approach, with case studies exploring coaching, teamwork, leading change, and resolving conflict. Section Three consolidates the ideas of the book, looking firstly at the few occasions when this approach hasn’t worked and what we can learn from that. 

“What Shifting Stories explores is both new and useful and examines an approach that has a great deal of practical value,” explains Andrew. This book provides readers with their own professional toolbag, whether that’s as a coach, manager, leader or mentor. 

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