Deal author Bob Levine brings us an inspired and sensitive collection of poetry

Bob Levine chose to write If I Can Touch You With a Thought in order to reminisce on his life's memories, both good and bad.

“I have a vivid memory,” explains Bob, “I still see life through the eyes of a 12 year old and age has only affected me in body, not mind and spirit.”

This small collection of poetry gives an insight into Bob's avenue of thought and humour; it also includes his philosophies on the notion of time. His poetry examines the youth of 65 years ago living in the ration days of life and of death caused by clashes of religion, politics and ideologies that have shattered and thrown the world into disarray.

“Although the content of some of my poetry in this book is currently topical, it has actually been written over the last thirty years, the latest being 'The Somme' which was written in Spring 2014,” observes Bob. “I write whenever I get a spark and allow the emotion to take me on its journey, it is not something that I can manufacture according to events.”

“As an example of this, my wife finally managed to persuade me after a few years to watch the documentary ‘Blackfish’. I had to watch it in several sittings as I found it so distressing. I was compelled to write a piece about Tilikum, who is the Orca held in captivity in Orlando, Florida. I had no idea that there would be such a momentous public outcry following the documentary, and that the cessation of captive breeding would be announced in the media just before my book release.”


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