Watford author Marilyn Messik pens her second thriller

Even Stranger is the second book of Marilyn's 'Strange' series

For Watford author Marilyn Messik, her second novel, Even Stranger, was a story that seemed to write itself. “Writing’s always been a major part of my life and I earn my living nowadays, creating killer copy lines and other commercial material,” explains Marilyn. “I know only too well though that inspiration’s a fickle friend, and can generally be relied upon not to pitch up when most needed. However, when it came to the ‘Strange’ series, the books arrived in my head, more or less fully-fledged.”

With the swinging Sixties staggering, shamefaced and flustered, into the slightly staider Seventies, Stella’s life isn’t running half as smoothly as she’d like. As an ordinary person, who happens to have some extraordinary psychic abilities, it’s frustrating to find that even something as simple as holding down a job throws up unexpected hurdles. Of course – and she’s the first to admit – she’d be a lot better off if she could ditch the conviction that she always knows best. This shortcoming, combined with a chronic inability to keep her mouth shut and her nose out of other people’s business, has led her off the straight and narrow more than once.

But Stella’s perfectly clear how things are going to be from now on. Forward planning includes setting herself up in a successful business, sticking like glue to normal, squashing an over-active conscience and steering clear of anything remotely risky or unpleasant. Unfortunately, the best laid plans often lead to the darkest places...

“Like Stella herself, my story has a strong personality and goes any way it wants – so expect the unexpected!” adds Marilyn.

A feature and fiction writer for magazines, Marilyn Messik’s first business was a children’s book and party shop. She currently runs a copywriting consultancy and lives in Hertfordshire. Her first novel, Relatively Strange, was published in 2013 by Matador. Review copies of both novels are available on request, and Marilyn is available for interview.

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