About Us

JPY Plc is one of the most established software companies in the UK, starting in 1982. When it migrated its customer records from steel cabinets to digital disks, staff noticed that the gains made in digitisation were matched by a loss in collaboration. With a filing cabinet, staff had access to a physical, paper customer file - and it was obvious when someone else was working on it. The replacement digital versions mostly ended up hidden in private user emails. Worse, despite the phenomenal searching power of computers, users still had trouble finding documents or messages. As computer scientists working in the field of high-performance workflow, JPY were ideally placed to find a solution and after five years development, the result is a software service called Threads®. "Threads weaves all your company's messages together, helping ensure it’s unrivalled, not unravelled." Quentin Cooper, science journalist, presenter of BBC Radio 4's Material World