Thule is proud to introduce Apa Sherpa, the Tiger of the Himalayas.

Thule wants to tell the story about Apa Sherpa, who has helped 21 expeditions reach the summit of Mount Everest, without losing a single life. No other human being has been on the top of the world more times than Apa Sherpa.  This is the story about Thule’s friend and Thule Crew member Apa Sherpa and how this great little man is a big inspiration in Thule’s work with the outdoor backpacks. 

Ever since Thule started developing hiking and trekking backpacks, the team has worked with a lot of interesting and very talented people from the outdoor industry and the world of mountaineering. But one of them stands out a bit more. One of them has a story to tell that goes beyond anything you have ever heard in the world of climbing big mountains. That one person is Apa Sherpa - the “Tiger of the Himalayas” and “Super Sherpa” of Mount Everest.

Thule met Apa Sherpa along the journey with their range of outdoor backpacks. The partnership quickly developed into a friendship built upon shared values. Now Thule wants to tell the world the story about the great little man, Apa Sherpa.

As a child Apa Sherpa miraculously survived an avalanche. After such a traumatic event, Apa Sherpa’s mother quickly realized there was something special about him. Determined to become a doctor and to help the people of Nepal, Apa walked three hours to and from school every day. But at the age of 12 his father died, and he had to quit school to start work as a porter to support his family. Quickly, Apa was renowned for being an extraordinary porter who could carry more than his own body weight. 

Nobody has climbed Mount Everest more times than Apa Sherpa. In 1990 he brought his first expedition to the top of the world and since then he has helped 21 expeditions reach the top of the world’s highest peak. In the Khumbo region people are not judged by how many times they climb the mountain, but for how much they help their neighbor. Which is why he has earned the title Super Sherpa and Tiger of the Himalayas, never losing a client in his 21 expeditions.

Despite all of Apa’s success and fame, when asked if he could do it all over again, he would have studied to become a doctor to help the people of Nepal. Apa has put all his efforts and money into his own foundation, the Apa Sherpa Foundation, to build up a school for the children of his hometown. Without education the children have no choice but to carry other people’s bags up the highest mountain in the world, and risk their lives. 

In addition to his mountaineering accomplishments, Apa is active in climate change education and the conservation of Mount Everest through many Eco-Everest clean-up expeditions. Since 2008, Eco-Everest has removed around 14,000 kg of garbage from the mountain. He is also a Climate-for-Life ambassador and has received the World Wildlife Foundation’s prestigious “Leaders for a Living Planet” award. And recently, he received an honorary doctorate in 2013 from the University of Utah for his commitment to cultural and ecological conservation of the Himalayas.

hule launched their first two lines of  hiking and trekking backpacks to the market in July 2014. Another two light weight hiking and trekking backpack lines were launched during the summer of 2015. Thule offers a full line of four different light weight and high tech backpack models, with a focus on the perfect fit. Apa Sherpa is now a part of the team that continues to develop this product line.

Apa Sherpa is a part of Thule’s global team of ambassadors, Thule Crew. Thule also supports Apa Sherpa’s work to help the children of Nepal to get an education. Thule pays for four full time teachers to teach a full year at the Apa Sherpa Foundation school in Thame, Apa’s old hometown, and supplies the children with backpacks for school.

Tina Liselius
PR & Sponsorship Manager Europe & ROW, Thule Group
Mobile: 070 0902652

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