Prospects for the full year of 2000

Prospects for the full year of 2000 Growth in demand for IT services is being maintained by investments in digital production and distribution. Owing to the high level of investments at the close of the last millennium, overall investment growth during 2 000 will be lower than last year. The modest growth is expected to continue for the rest of the year. TietoEnator's focus on growth sectors and high-value-added services will continue to drive long term growth, but is reducing growth and profit in the short term owing to ongoing transition and structural changes in parts of the Group's Swedish operations. The Group's long term growth target of 20 % is based on growth in demand in its core businesses and on an increase in company acquisitions. Restructuring and modest growth is having short-term impact on profit. For the second half of 2000 the Group is expected to report an operating profit (EBIT) excluding non-recurring items, in line with that of the first six months of 2000 (EUR 39.5 million) st The full interim report of TietoEnator will be published October 31 . For further information, please contact: Tuija Soanjärvi, CFO, TietoEnator, phone +358 9 8626 2213 Eric Österberg, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, phone +46 70 590 0599 TIETOENATOR CORPORATION DISTRIBUTION Helsinki Exchanges Stockholm Stock Exchange Principal Media ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: