TietoEnator and Finnish Insurance Data Ltd have developed a common claim system for insurance companies

TietoEnator and Finnish Insurance Data Ltd have developed a common claim system for insurance companies TietoEnator and Finnish Insurance Data have implemented a common claim system for non-life insurance companies. This project was started by the Federation of Finnish Insurance Companies and includes Finnish non-life insurance companies. The system is taken into use during October 2002. The first phase includes the five biggest insurance companies. Later the system will be taken into use in almost all non-life insurance companies in Finland. The system collects the basic data of loss reports drawn up by consumers. The information can be utilized by all non-life insurance companies using the system. For example cases where a consumer applies for compensation for the same damage from more than one company can be prevented more effectively than before. The overall objective is to prevent misuse in claims issues. This new solution combines the basic data in the claims systems of insurance companies technically into a common database. The system also has a browser based user interface built on TietoEnator's Web Component Suite platform and Java technology. Connections to the database use a secure VPN connection. Additional information: TietoEnator Corporation, TietoEnator Financial Solutions Oy, Terhi Kesti, Business Unit Manager, +358 9 862 63005, +358 40 5021 095 Finnish Insurance Data Ltd, Mauri Hanhela, Managing Director, +358 9 6804 0329, +358 40 5265 431 Federation of Finnish Insurance Companies, Hannu Ijäs, Legal Advisor, +358 9 6804 0222 Set up to promote the interests of Finnish insurers and coordinate cooperation within the industry, the Federation of Finnish Insurance Companies works to improve the operating facilities of its members and to encourage use of insurance services to match the needs of customers and other interest groups. Moreover, it serves as a communications organ within the industry and outside, compiles and analyses information on Finnish insurance and arranges training courses industry-wide. www.vakes.fi Finnish Insurance Data Ltd is a company owned by insurance institutions that compiles and distributes statistics on non-life insurance operations to insurance companies as well as offers local area network and firmware services to its owners. www.suomenvakuutusdata.fi With almost 12,000 employees and annual net sales of EUR 1.1 billion, TietoEnator is a leading supplier of high value-added IT services in Europe. TietoEnator specialises in consulting, building and hosting its customers' business operations in the digital economy. The Group's services are based on a combination of deep industry-specific expertise and latest information technology. www.tietoenator.com TIETOENATOR CORPORATION DISTRIBUTION Principal media ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/10/30/20021030BIT00380/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/10/30/20021030BIT00380/wkr0002.pdf