TietoEnator delivers a customer service system for Primary Health Care to the city of Joensuu

TietoEnator delivers a customer service system for Primary Health Care to the city of Joensuu The Primary Health Care of the city of Joensuu has decided to purchase TietoEnator's Effica system as support for its customer service. Next year, TietoEnator will deliver to the city of Joensuu an entity of about 300 workstations to all primary health care functions: e.g. dental care, general health care, institutional care, home care, and the laboratory connections with the regional central hospital. The municipalities round the city, Eno, Kiihtelysvaara, Outokumpu and Pyhäselkä, have also chosen Effica. Customer services for inhabitants are given in 60 locations in Joensuu. The old information systems of these locations will now be renewed both technically and functionally. Thanks to the solution provided by TietoEnator, accurate real-time information will always be available in the different phases of the health care chain. This gives the staff more time for the patients and improves the quality of customer service in all areas of operation. Information networks can also be exploited more effectively than before. Besides, Effica supports regional co-operation, e.g. laboratory, referral and feed-back as well as emergency service co- operation with the health care district. - We tested three systems thoroughly per function and assessed about 140 different requirements. Effica got the highest marks in almost all areas, in dental care it was clearly the best. We also appreciated the supplier's ability to take care of a demanding delivery and the challenges of further development, says Mr Vesa Vestala, Administrative Manager for Primary Health Care and Social Welfare of Joensuu. Additional information: City of Joensuu, Vesa Vestala, Administrative Manager, tel. +358 13 267 5701, vesa.vestala@jns.fi TietoEnator, Hannu Puuronen, Director, tel. +358 8 537 2743, hannu.puuronen@tietoenator.com With a staff of 10,000 and annual net sales of 1.2 billion euros, TietoEnator is a leading supplier of high value-added IT services in Europe. TietoEnator provides consulting, systems development and integration, operation and support, product development services for customers, and software services. The Group has in-depth knowledge of its customers' businesses in areas such as telecommunications, banking and finance, the public sector and the forest industry. www.tietoenator.com TIETOENATOR CORPORATION DISTRIBUTION Principal media ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/22/20001122BIT00210/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/22/20001122BIT00210/bit0002.pdf