TietoEnator supplies total solution for customer finance to Scania Finans

TietoEnator supplies total solution for customer finance to Scania Finans TietoEnator-owned Entra has started co-operation with Scania Finans. The aim is to simplify the administration of approximately 11 000 finance contracts that Scania Finans handles in the Nordic market. The co- operation means that TietoEnator shall develop an Internet-based sales support and credit application handling system, as well as further develop Scania Finans' existing finance systems. The solution simplifies the finance process for Scania's approximately one hundred retailers in the Nordic countries. - The finance question is an important part of the sales work since the purchase of lorries means a big investment for our customers. We chose TietoEnator as co-operation partner because they have the competence and staying power required so that we, in the future, shall be able to achieve commercial success by means of efficient administration of customer contracts and well-functioning sales tools, says Leif Christensson, MD of Scania Finans. Scania Finans has been active for more than 50 years and is, as such, one of Sweden's oldest finance companies. Of Scania's Nordic customers, nearly a half choose to finance their purchases through Scania Finans, and this makes the finance company an important competition factor for Scania's sales organisation. - Scania Finans is target-oriented in its work, continually developing and improving its finance offers. This is the beginning of a long-term co-operation in which we will continually sharpen Scania Finans' effectiveness by means of well-functioning system support and assist the company with our competence within financial IT services, says Martin Sjöberg, MD of Entra. Among other things, the co-operation means that TietoEnator will update and improve the capacity in Scania Finans' existing finance systems. The new solution quickens the tender work and credit controls as well as facilitates the communication between Scania Finans and the retailer network. For further information, please contact: Martin Sjöberg, MD, Entra AB +46 709 790 870, martin.sjoberg@entragroup.com Leif Christensson, MD, Scania Finans AB +46 8 553 837 40, leif.christensson@scania.com With over 10,000 employees and annual net sales of EUR 1.1 billion, TietoEnator is a leading supplier of high value-added IT services in Europe. TietoEnator specialises in consulting, building and hosting its customers' business operations in the digital economy. The Group's services are based on a combination of deep industry-specific expertise and latest information technology. www.tietoenator.com Entra is a part of TietoEnator, Finance Sector. For further information, visit www.entragroup.com. The services of TietoEnator Finance Sector are based on a strategic partnership with our customers. Finance Sector's solutions business concentrates on key technologies and the goal is, via Europe, to be a global e-finance solutions provider. In addition to net banking solutions, Finance Sector also commands strong expertise in payment systems and selected capital market solutions. Finance Sector operates in 11 different countries with more than 1800 experts and over 300 customers world-wide. TietoEnator Finance Sector is the leading partner for the banking, insurance and finance sector in Northern Europe. Scania Finans AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scania CV AB. The company is responsible for Scania's customer finance operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The head office is located in Södertälje and in the other Nordic countries, the operations are conducted from branch offices. The number of employees is approximately 30. Scania Finans AB provides Scania's Nordic customers with several financing products such as loans, hire-puchase credits and different forms of leasing contracts. The company works together with Scania's Nordic retailer network and importers. Today the company administers approximately 11 000 contracts to a value of somewhat more than SEK 5 000M. For further information, go to www.scaniafinans.com. TIETOENATOR CORPORATION DISTRIBUTION Principal media ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/22/20011122BIT00550/bit0003.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/22/20011122BIT00550/bit0003.pdf