TietoEnator to develop e-portal for oil industry

TietoEnator to develop e-portal for oil industry TietoEnator has signed a contract with several of the major oil and gas operators in the Norwegian sector to develop a new, web-based industry portal, LicenseWeb. This marks a breakthrough for online cooperation within the industry. TietoEnator won the prestigious contract and has signed deals with a number of key players in the industry: Norsk Hydro, Statoil, BP Amoco, Shell, Phillips Petroleum and Conoco. "Not only are oil and gas Norway's main source of revenue, but our expertise and know-how in this field is one of Scandinavia's most important exports to the wider world," said Ragnhild Olsen, Vice president Oil&Gas of TietoEnator. "So TietoEnator is particularly proud to have the opportunity of developing an e-business solution for such a vital, quality-conscious and demanding industry." LicenseWeb is to be a forum for virtual cooperation, providing the entire oil and gas industry with information on the 200 licences in the Norwegian sector. Services will include document exchange, preparation for meetings, administration, statistics on individual licences, production reports and a news service. The clients are extremely satisfied with the TietoEnator bid. "TietoEnator pinpointed our requirements in a very credible manner," commented Bjørn Gundersen of Norsk Hydro E&P, who headed the project team for the oil companies. "TietoEnator has a number of major products in the oil and gas sector to its credit, which gives us every confidence that the company will supply a quality solution on time and on budget." Oljeindustriens Landsforening (the organisation representing the Norwegian oil industry) has been one of the main driving forces behind the licence cooperation project, and believes that TietoEnator's LicenseWeb solution will do much to streamline the working process. "Our capacity for cooperation has proved to be one of the most enduring competitive advantages of the Norwegian oil and gas industry," said Thore Langeland of Oljeindustriens Landsforening. "This marks a new milestone, and I envisage this solution being used to good effect in a number of other areas too." 2,500 of TietoEnator's 10,000 employees in Scandinavia are dedicated to developing e- solutions - digital business. Oil and gas is one of the most important sectors served by TietoEnator. The LicenseWeb contract comprises a time-limited development phase and an operational phase. The development phase will last until 15 February 2001, and the contract is worth NOK 2.2-3.0m. In addition, TietoEnator is to supply training materials and courses. TietoEnator also has full rights to use the solution and market it commercially. The solution employs Documentum software and TietoEnator's ePortal concept. The subcontractors involved are TietoEnator Technology (Documentum) and OilCamp/Telenor (ISP services). For further information please contact: Ragnhild Olsen, Vice president Oil&Gas, TietoEnator Consulting AS, Norway,ragnhild.olsen@tietoenator.com Phone: +47 55 36 44 00, Mobile: +47 908 26020 With a staff of 10,000 and annual net sales of 1.2 billion euros, TietoEnator is a leading supplier of high value-added IT services in Europe. TietoEnator provides consulting, systems development and integration, operation and support, product development services for customers, and software services. The Group has in-depth knowledge of its customers' businesses in areas such as telecommunications, banking and finance, the public sector and the forest industry. www.tietoenator.com TIETOENATOR CORPORATION DISTRIBUTION Principal media ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/10/04/20001004BIT00670/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/10/04/20001004BIT00670/bit0002.pdf