Tikkurila Colour of the Year 2022: Every adventure begins at home

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Tikkurila’s colour of the year is L478 Kestrel, calm and grounding brown with a hint of cool red. It borrows its name from a Kestrel, a falcon species that’s torn between two homes.

Much like Kestrels’, our homes are not static. Our homes are built upon our memories and experiences that we draw inspiration from. Wherever we go becomes a part of us and our home. This grounding colour will offer a warm feeling of familiarity with interesting undertones that makes a home feel elegant in an inviting way.

“In the past two years, we’ve been paying more attention to our spaces, but we’ve also been wearing them out. When you’re doing everything at home, all the special things become ordinary. That’s why we need to see our homes in a new light”, says Irina Hanhisalo, Colour Category Manager at Tikkurila.

“With this colour and colour collection, we want to express a positive outlook in life, surprise and inspire people and encourage them to try new colours”, she continues.

The Colour Now 2022 collection

How can you find inspiration when you feel you are stuck at home, or feel stuck in life in general? This is the question the Color Now 2022 collection wants to help people find answers to.

“We’ve learnt that our lives are for living and need to be lived out in the best way we possibly can. So, we need to rethink our living spaces and give our spaces the appreciation they deserve. What makes your home yours? We want to help you find the elements that ground you and ones that lift you up”, says Irina.

Color Now is Tikkurila’s own platform for delivering the latest interesting and thought evoking colours and topics to its customers. With this initiative Tikkurila wants to inspire people to create a beautiful everyday life and explore new colourful opportunities. Tikkurila has launched Color Now and the Colour of the Year since 2016.

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Irina Hanhisalo, Colour Category Manager, Tikkurila


Pictures are available in Tikkurila’s imagebank: https://imagebank.tikkurila.com/pincollection.jspx?collectionName=%7B6fe64f68-bb27-4609-a20a-b21fe6b2ba15%7D

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