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  • Tikkurila introduces new Fontefloor PU Cem coating system for superior protection of concrete industrial flooring

Tikkurila introduces new Fontefloor PU Cem coating system for superior protection of concrete industrial flooring

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Fontefloor PU Cem is a heavy-duty coating system with outstanding resistance to chemicals and abrasion. It is specifically designed for use in the food industry, especially in locations where the floors are being exposed to chemicals, or organic and inorganic acids. It also protects the floors against salt, alkalis, fats, oil, and water.

The coating system has excellent resistance to thermal shocks and permanent water loading. Because it does not absorb any liquids or dirt it is also easy to clean which helps to ensure hygiene in environments where it is a critical requirement. This makes Fontefloor PU Cem an ideal choice for protecting concrete surfaces in any environment including beverage production facilities, warehouses, and chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Coated surfaces are ready to be used just 24–36 hours after application, depending on the ambient temperature, and because the Fontefloor PU Cem coating system is solvent free, it has a low odor and can be applied safely while the facility is in operation. The system dries to a matt finish and is available in five colors to create a clean, professional look.

“The Fontefloor PU Cem coating system has been developed to offer outstanding long-lasting protection for concrete surfaces in some of the most demanding industrial environments. Because it dries and cures quickly, downtime is also minimized. What’s more, it’s also solvent free and water-borne, which helps protect the health and safety of employees and ensures no transfer of unwanted odors or tastes to products,” says Pawel Florczak, Group Portolio Development Manager, Minerals and Flooring, at Tikkurila Oyj.

Fontefloor PU Cem at a glance

  •  High chemical and mechanical resistance
  •  Temperature resistance up to 120°C
  •  Solvent free
  •  Water-borne
  •  Non-porous surface is easy to clean and maintain
  •  No odor or taste transfer
  •  Available in five colors

Download the Fontefloor PU Cem brochure: www.tikkurila.com/fontefloorpucem

Further information:

Tikkurila Group
Pawel Florczak
Group Portfolio Development Manager, Minerals and Flooring 
Tel. +48 795 142 631 

Tiina Killström
Group Product Manager, Industry
Puh +358 20 191 2111

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