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Tikkurila launches a new high-performance all-seasons epoxy primer for Protective Coatings

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Temacoat HS-F Primer, the newest addition to the wide range of Tikkurila industrial coatings, is a durable, all-seasons epoxy coating with optimal anti-corrosion properties, fast overcoating times and excellent adhesion to steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces. It can be used on building frameworks, bridges, refineries, power plants, conveyors and other structural steel and equipment in the heavy-duty Protective Coatings market.

The volume solids content of Temacoat HS-F Primer is 80%, so the paint has a lower VOC value compared to conventional epoxy primers. It also provides shorter drying and recoating times even at low temperatures (down to -10°C), which is a considerable advantage. Temacoat HS-F Primer can be used all year round, expanding the geographic area of application.

This high-performance primer enables a wide range of film thicknesses in one layer, which makes the painting process of complex structures easier.

– Temacoat HS-F Primer is developed for the demanding, long-term protection of steel. Compared to traditional primers, it dries and cures very fast even at low temperatures typical for Northern Europe. It is truly a time-saving solution: since it is over-coatable after only two hours, you can get the job done in one day, says Michael Aamodt, Group Business and Portfolio Development Director at Tikkurila Oyj.

Temacoat HS-F Primer at a glance

  • All-seasons product (-10°C – +40°C)

  • Fast drying and curing especially at low temperatures

  • 80% volume solids

  • Short overcoating time (2 h) with polyurethane topcoat

  • Wide film thickness range

  • Excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum and galvanized steel

  • Low VOC (200 g/l)

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Easy application with airless spray and brush

  • Long max overcoating interval

Download the Temacoat HS-F Primer brochure

Further information:

Tikkurila Group
Michael Aamodt
Business & Portfolio Development Director, Protective and Industrial Coatings
Tel. +47 22 80 32 90, Mobile +47 47 41 98 48
Email michael.aamodt@tikkurila.com

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