Tikkurila's new fire-retardant paint system improves the safety of wooden buildings

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As the construction of wooden buildings increases, the importance of fire protection of wood facades becomes more important. Tikkurila is the first Finnish company to launch a twice topcoatable fire-retardant paint system for industrial painting of wood facades. The system has the best possible reaction to fire classification for wood B-s1, d0​, and it provides long-term protection against weathering of exterior cladding.

Building with wood is not only an aesthetic choice, but an ecological one too. Yet there are some special requirements to consider in terms of planning and construction, and one of these is fire protection. Wood can be used as a construction material without fire-protection treatment. However, proper treatment can make the building safer. Fire retardants slow the ignition of wood and the spread of fire, while also creating less smoke than untreated wood.

The first twice topcoatable fire-retardant paint system with the highest possible fire-retardant properties on wood

Tikkurila's new fire-retardant paint system improves the safety of industrially painted wood buildings as the facades can be topcoated not only once but twice and they still have the best possible reaction to fire classification for wood.

The paint system consists of Tikkurila's Fontefire WF water-borne intumescent fire-retardant coating and two new water-borne and tintable paints: Ultra Pro WF-M intermediate coat and Ultra Pro WF 10 topcoat. The new fire-retardant paint system protects the exterior cladding against fire and in addition, the intermediate coat and topcoat together gives the facade long-term protection against weathering, moisture, sunlight and dirt.

The effectiveness of an intumescent fire-retardant paint is based on a chemical reaction: when the paint is exposed to fire, it expands and forms an insulating layer of foam that slows down the flame propagation.

“Standard exterior paints, and acrylic paints in general, spread fire. Fire-retardant paint systems increase safety in two ways: they slow down the ignition of wood and spread of fire, while also creating less smoke. Compared to existing solutions, the new system allows claddings to be topcoated twice, while the requirements for the highest possible fire reaction class B-s1, d0 are still fulfilled”, says Arto Nummela, Group Portfolio Development Manager for Tikkurila's wood industry.

Ecological construction with fire-retardant paint system

When using Tikkurila's fire-retardant paint system, the use of wood as an ecological building material can be increased in constructions where the highest fire reaction class for wood is required. The new paint system can also be used for ready painted element structures.

Tikkurila Fontefire fire-retardant products are water-borne and do not contain any hazardous ingredients. In addition, the fire-retardant paint system contains fungicides to protect the paint from mold, algae and other germs. The surface treatment takes place at the factory under controlled conditions rather than at the construction site. This ensures emissions are reduced even further and prevents fugitive emissions on site.

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