i3 introduces the first high-performance IP set top-box to provide video streaming for under 99 USD

San Antonio, Texas, USA, February 15th, 2005

NTCA Annual Meeting and Expo, booth # 631 — i3 micro technology (i3), a leading provider of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and IP-TV products and solutions, today announced the Mood™130 IP set top-box, a low-cost high-performance MPEG-2 video streaming solution for IP-TV and on-demand entertainment. Introducing a new and attractive design that uses the latest system-on-a-chip architecture, i3 now offers a carrier-grade IP set-top box for below 99 USD.

“Many service providers are anxious to implement triple play services in their networks, but so far the high cost per IP set-top box has been a limiting factor. Low priced boxes have traditionally lacked the performance needed for providing a high-quality viewing experience. With Mood 130, we can now offer service providers a low-cost alternative that matches the quality and security requirements of both incumbent operators and demanding residential subscribers,” says Jan Werne, CEO of i3 micro technology.

Small and fast
The Mood 130 packs high performance MPEG-2 decoding in a very small form factor to provide DVD-quality viewing and fast channel switching.

Key to service providers is extended product life and reduced operational costs. The Mood 130 supports this through functionality that simplifies provisioning and management, e.g. remote and encrypted anti-fraud provisioning of base services and centralized upgrade management. Support for leading middleware vendors offers maximal flexibility.

The Mood 130 comes with the Espial Escape browser and a JavaScript™ interface to support rapid custom development. Geographical adaptations exist with different connectors for North America, Europe and Asia, and provide additional optional SmartCard functionality. Pricing for base configurations is available for under 99 USD.

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