Tilgin powering first VTech broadband gateway with its Home Gateway software

Stockholm, Sweden, October 21, 2013: Tilgin, a leading provider of solutions for multiplay and next-generation broadband access, on September 5th announced a strategic partnership with VTech, the world’s largest suppliers of cordless telephones and a manufacturer of other telecom products. VTech’s first broadband gateway powered by Tilgin’s gateway software, HGA, will now be launched at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam.

Tilgin and VTech’s first project to implement the HGA software into VTech broadband gateways has led to the launch of the RV200.

VTech’s RV200 is a full gigabit gateway with gigabit interfaces and wireless LAN 802.11n, 300Mbits.  It is also equipped with the new generation DECT, CAT-iq. The RV200 is powered by Tilgin HGA allowing full service routing, storage and remote access and Wi-Fi hotspot.

“We are delighted with the speed Tilgin succeed in porting their Home Gateway Software, HGA, to our hardware. This has worked better than expected, allowing us to launch the RV200 quickly. We believe that this product will address the end user segment cost efficiently and we are looking forward to presenting it to operators at the BBWF 2013 in Amsterdam.” says Mr. C H Tong, President of VTech Telecommunications Limited.

“We have developed the HGA software platform over the last 15 years and have over time collected a vast experience of different operator network scenarios.  We strongly believe that our software experience in combination with VTech’s proven track record as a world class hardware provider is a winning combination.” says Mats Victorin, CEO at Tilgin and continues “The RV200 is our first step and we look forward to our continued cooperation.”

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For further information, please contact:
Mats Victorin, CEO, Tilgin, phone: +46 8 572 387 01, e-mail: mats.victorin@tilgin.com
Grace Pang, Director of Corporate Communications and Strategic Marketing, VTech Holdings Limited, phone: +852 26801000, email: grace_pang@vtech.com

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Tilgin’s high-performance, software-controlled home gateways and remote management solutions turn online homes into a profitable business for operators and a personalized experience of quality and simplicity for their customers. Our telecom-grade solutions allow for managed services – for triple play and beyond – to be introduced instantly and individually. With easy integration in operational and business support systems, they substantially reduce operators’ cost while creating loyal and satisfied customers and a strong brand. Tilgin systems and solutions are deployed at more than 100 operators in more than 30 countries giving Tilgin a strong client base with a broad international reach. Tilgin was founded in 1997. Tilgin is headquartered in Kista, Sweden, and has a network of international sales partners.

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VTech is the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones, and the largest supplier of electronic learning products from infancy to preschool in the US and Western Europe. It also provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing services. Founded in 1976, VTech’s mission is to be the most cost effective designer and manufacturer of innovative, high quality consumer electronics products and to distribute them to markets worldwide in the most efficient manner.

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Tilgin has more than 20 years of experience and expertise within the broadband industry which has generated a strong client base and a broad international reach which has generated that Tilgin’s systems and solutions are deployed at more than 100 operators in more than 30 countries. Tilgin was founded in 1997 with headquarter located in Kista, Sweden.Since the start, Tilgin has worked with its own gateway software as part of an overall delivery of premium gateway solutions, but has since 2014 a separate and dedicated business unit focusing upon the specific standalone software. Tilgin is now taking the next step forward by launching Open HGA, an open and modular software based platform for IoT, Smart Home solutions and services. For more information around our new Open HGA platform, please visit www.tilgin.com