Tilgin's Flexible Premises Solution chosen for South African Fiber to the home deployment

Stockholm, Sweden, October 01, 2013: Tilgin, a leading provider of solutions for multiplay and next-generation broadband access announces an additional deployment of its Flexible Premises Solution in South Africa.

Atec a leading fiber provider in South Africa, will base their FTTH deployments on Tilgin’s Flexible Premise Solution. Atec will combine Tilgins’ fiber termination unit MSA970 the home gateway HG2314, and Tilgin’s TR-069 Auto Configuration Server, to manage the units.

Atec will be able to create the offering that’s needed in every deployment by using the flexible premises solution. With zero-touch provisioning and the simplicity of customer self-installation procedures Atec saves time and money.

“We have selected the flexible premises solution to get maximum freedom at every customer installation”, says Riaan Janse van Rensburg, CTO of Atec. He continues “the solution also optimizes the lifecycle cost, as the optical termination with all Gigabit interfaces has a long life expectancy whereas the service dependent gateway has a short lifespan, due to the evolution of our offer.”

Tilgin launched the flexible premises concept in 2012 since then it has become a complete solution with a solid business case. Market response was quickly positive and now operators in different countries are basing their FTTH / FTTB strategy on Tilgin’s solution.

“Having flexible premises selected as preferred solution for FTTH deployments in South Africa, proves that our flexible premises solution stands the test in any market” says Mats Victorin CEO at Tilgin.

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Read more about flexible premises: http://www.tilgin.com/Solutions/Flexible-premises

For further information, please contact:
Mats Victorin, CEO, Tilgin, phone: +46 8 572 387 01, e-mail: mats.victorin@tilgin.com 
Riaan Janse van Rensburg, CTO, Atec, phone: +27 12 991 0960,e-mail: riaan@atec.co.za  

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Tilgin’s high-performance, software-controlled home gateways and remote management solutions turn online homes into a profitable business for operators and a personalized experience of quality and simplicity for their customers. Our telecom-grade solutions allow for managed services – for triple play and beyond – to be introduced instantly and individually. With easy integration in operational and business support systems, they substantially reduce operators’ cost while creating loyal and satisfied customers and a strong brand. Tilgin systems and solutions are deployed at more than 100 operators in more than 30 countries giving Tilgin a strong client base with a broad international reach. Tilgin was founded in 1997. Tilgin is headquartered in Kista, Sweden, and has a network of international sales partners. For more information, please visit www.tilgin.com .  A press kit is also available on: www.tilgin.com/presskit

About ATEC
ATEC was born from the need to distinguish property developments from the rest with ICT technologies, offering superior lifestyle benefits to clients. These lifestyle benefits range from enhanced best of breed security to first world telecommunications services to community based communication technologies. The private South African company focuses on providing these solutions to logically grouped residential and commercial clients, backed up with the highest of service levels.

Founded in 2004, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, by implementing the first true Fibre to the Home in a gated community, the first Fibre to the Home outside a gated community and several inventive security solutions. This in-depth understanding of the FTTH industry led to ATEC being one of the founding members of the FTTH Council for Africa.

 With an outstanding reputation for efficient service delivery, ATEC is committed to providing cost-effective technology solutions without compromising on quality. Based in Pretoria, ATEC has a national footprint with offices in Cape Town and Durban. For more information, please visit www.atec.co.za

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Tilgin has more than 20 years of experience and expertise within the broadband industry which has generated a strong client base and a broad international reach which has generated that Tilgin’s systems and solutions are deployed at more than 100 operators in more than 30 countries. Tilgin was founded in 1997 with headquarter located in Kista, Sweden.Since the start, Tilgin has worked with its own gateway software as part of an overall delivery of premium gateway solutions, but has since 2014 a separate and dedicated business unit focusing upon the specific standalone software. Tilgin is now taking the next step forward by launching Open HGA, an open and modular software based platform for IoT, Smart Home solutions and services. For more information around our new Open HGA platform, please visit www.tilgin.com