HalfBreed Clothing Company Partners With POSE Modeling Magazine for 2013

Los Angeles, CA (February 7, 2013): HalfBreed Clothing Co. is partnering with POSE Modeling Magazine to launch the first issue of 2013 this February. POSE Modeling Magazine has embarked on a multi-cultural campaign to showcase models of blended backgrounds and in turn celebrate the beauty in all of us. Halfbreed Clothing Co. perfectly matches this vision with their bold apparel line that makes more than just a fashion statement so the models for the February issue can wear a brand that represents and celebrates their individuality.

HalfBreed Clothing Co. is a new leader in active apparel for men, women and children with empowering t-shirts, fashionable hats, and statement sweatshirts that promote a message of unity, pride, and “one-love”. The creator and visionary for the brand, Rudy Tee, comes from a multi-ethnic background which is why he has made it his mission to spread his personal mantra “I am my brand...RepYoSelf.”

I'm so honored to be working with the POSE family, especially for the re-branding of their first issue of the New Year. This is an incredible opportunity to share HalfBreed's message while on a platform that celebrates the unique beauty of multi-ethnic people of all kinds” said Rudy Tee.

POSE is a bi-monthly magazine created by Bernadette Arrington, an award winning photographer and Indie-filmmaker. POSE magazine combines, fashion, lifestyle and modeling into a showcase and platform for aspiring young models looking to break into the industry. This year marks the re-launch of POSE magazine, formerly focused on child modeling, in 2013 they have broadened their spectrum to encompass models of all ages.

Both Arrington and Tee aim to expand the fashion industry's scope by including models of all ethnic backgrounds. Both POSE and HalfBreed Clothing Co. are excited about the partnership and hope to inspire and empower others with their photographs, stories, and unified vision.

To purchase HalfBreed Clothing visit www.HalfBreedClothingCo.com and follow on twitter @HalfBreed. Follow POSE Magazine for updates on all upcoming issues @posemodelingmagazine.

CONTACT: Melissa Hope Callahan


(213) 250-6777 ex 1005

About HalfBreed Clothing Co: Halfbreed Clothing Co. is a Multi-Ethnic Lifestyle brand for all mixed people. With t-shirts, hats and hoodies for men, woman and children everyone can make a true fashion statement that reaches toward a bigger picture of unity, acceptance and the RepYoSelf movement. Inspired by the creator Rudy Tee's own life and the growing population of interracial families the companies mission of diversity, passion and unity make this line of apparel standout in the clothing industry. For more information and to purchase HalfBreed Clothing items visit www.HalfBreedClothingCo.com and follow on twitter @HalfBreed.


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