Alienware and Tobii Open Alienware Academy for Competitive Gamers

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Today, at CES 2019, Alienware officially opened their new online destination for competitive game training,, to the public. A collaboration between Tobii and Alienware, the academy is the first of its kind to include lessons enriched by Tobii eye-tracking insights. From launch, the site will offer a continually evolving repository of lessons, tutorials, and interactive exercises where all levels of gamers can learn tips and tricks from professionals on how to improve their skills and bring their game to the next level.

“With Alienware Academy, Alienware and Tobii demonstrate their commitment to the rapidly growing esports ecosystem. With exclusive tools and content, Alienware Academy will offer immediate value to competitive gamers who want to learn directly from the pros,” said Jonas Jerebko, owner of the Renegades esports organization. “If you want to learn some of our secrets, then take a few minutes to check out Alienware Academy.”

At launch, Alienware Academy includes:

  • Video lessons from top-ranked professionals and esports teams, including Team Liquid, Renegades, and Jordan Gilbert (n0thing) concentrating on the first-person shooter genre.
  • A custom challenge map that enables members to practice the skills they learn as they progress through focused lesson tracks. Players with Tobii eye-tracking will receive additional insight about their performance.

 “Introducing new forms of community engagement to gamers is just a part of the value that Alienware brings to the gaming industry. What we do today with Alienware Academy builds on our decades of esports experience as we bring unique insights, content, and technology for competitive gamers to learn and train through an engaging and easy to use online platform,” said Christopher Sutphen, director of marketing at Alienware.

“For Tobii, Alienware Academy has been an incredible opportunity to bring eye-tracking to competitive gamers while working with professionals to surface actionable insights. We’ve worked side by side with Alienware to create a training portal that will expand over time to cover a wide variety of competitive game titles, genres, and skill sets,” said Matt Tullis, director of Business Development at Tobii.

For more information, and to try Alienware Academy for yourself, visit


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