Tobii Dynavox Brings the Power of Assistive Eye Tracking Technology Outdoors

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Tobii Dynavox, the global leader in assistive technology for communication, today announced the addition of sophisticated outdoor eye tracking capabilities to their flagship product, the new I-series. This groundbreaking feature enables people with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and ALS to communicate only with their eyes, even when outside in a wide range of light conditions, including bright sunlight.

Available immediately, the long-awaited feature provides I-series users the ability to communicate using just their eyes, even when outdoors and in bright sunlight. This has been an inherent difficulty for the entire eye tracking industry for decades as the full spectrum of daylight typically interferes with the eye tracker and thus reduces performance.  With the Tobii IS5 eye tracking platform as a foundation, Tobii Dynavox has now brought to market a truly assistive eye tracker that enables people with severe disabilities to have a voice wherever they go.

“For the first time I can talk to my friends and family outside using eye gaze, I'm now not reliant on a communication partner for help. The new eye gaze device drivers mean I can do my studies outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I can also access my social media outside too!”, said Becky Tyler, eye gaze artist and gamer with Cerebral Palsy from the UK. 

“Until now, using eye tracking outside or in bright light conditions has been a challenge for everyone. Being able to communicate with your eyes wherever and whenever you want gives people with disabilities more freedom and the chance to live more independent lives. This new feature is further proof of our cutting-edge engineering capabilities and it makes me very proud of what we do.” said Fredrik Ruben, CEO of Tobii Dynavox.

Outdoor eye tracking is currently only available on the Tobii Dynavox I-13 and the I-16 communication devices. To learn more, visit:


Lina Perdius, Corporate Communications Manager, Tobii Group, phone: +46 70 018 78 75, email:   
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