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    “With eye tracking, you can get a fundamental understanding of the user’s cognition, comprehension and visual acuity without a costly, time-intensive and invasive procedure. This tool will let professionals assess and understand their patients’ innate processes and abilities as well as what they may not be able to express verbally. Ultimately it reveals their true, unrecognized potential.”
    Fredrik Ruben, president of Tobii Assistive Technology
    “For years we have harnessed the speed and accuracy of eye tracking as a highly effective access method, helping give a voice to tens of thousands of Tobii users throughout the world. Now we can use eye tracking to assess the user’s cognition, behavior and performance to determine whether eye tracking is an appropriate access method.”
    David Henderek, global product manager at Tobii Assistive Technology.
    “We sometimes don’t realize how significant our daily communication is, but we are always communicating, everywhere, with everyone,. The compact nature of the M-Series allows its users to communicate nearly as much, wherever they are – the car, in the store, classroom, outdoors or even at home with family and friends.”
    Fredrik Ruben
    At Tobii, we believe Internet access is a human right, and physical disabilities shouldn’t impede that pursuit.
    Oscar Werner, executive vice president of assistive technology at Tobii
    EyeMobile extends the Tobii experience to popular tablets, enabling anyone with a physical disability to enjoy full Internet and computer access regardless of location or environment.
    Oscar Werner, executive vice president of assistive technology at Tobii
    Tobii’s eye-controlled Windows 8 interface is incredibly innovative and provides a glimpse into the future of more natural digital experiences.
    Rob Sinclair, chief accessibility officer at Microsoft
    We are always looking for world-class solutions that will enhance the accessibility of our devices and provide customers with high-quality, well-engineered technology that can be tailored to suit their specific needs
    Joyce Mullen, vice president and general manager OEM Solutions at Dell
    The new Tobii I-Series is fast, flexible and fancy. The greatest innovation is Wake-on-Gaze: Thanks to this feature the device is always on and ready for usage in any situation – with an unbelievable battery run time.
    Kathrin Lemler, Tobii user and I-Series Beta tester
    Tobii has given me a tool that has changed my life. It has given me freedom to say whatever I want to say, when I want to say it.
    Ryan Carter, Tobii user and I-Series Beta Tester
    “This is a huge development for the psychophysiological research community as we are now able to provide the most precise correlation between screen stimuli, subject gaze patterns and internal biometric reactions. With this solution, researchers will also gain greater insight into studies that require high temporal resolution, such as reaction time tests and subliminal single-frame stimuli tests, as well as the ability to more accurately formulate their conclusions.”
    Tom Englund, president of Tobii Analysis
    In offering Sono Flex for Android, we meet our users through the extended reach and possibilities offered by the Android-platform with its accessibility, scalability, price, form factor and so much more,” says Oscar Werner, President Tobii Assistive Technology. ”With Sono Flex for Android, Tobii has effectively created the first AAC device for under 300USD. Just add a Kindle Fire, a Nook or any other smart phone, tablet or reader and you’re ready to start communicating!”
    says Oscar Werner, President Tobii Assistive Technology
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