Solar power plants at more than 30 Tokmanni stores – retailer will be an even bigger user of solar power in Finland

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Tokmanni     Press release     20 May 2019 at 2:40 p.m.

Tokmannis solar power plant

Tokmanni Oy has signed an agreement with its partner Solarigo Systems Oy to significantly increase the number of solar power plants at Tokmanni stores. The agreement will multiply the utilisation of solar power at Tokmanni stores.

Over the years 2019–2021 new solar power plants will be installed on the roofs of around 30 Tokmanni stores across Finland. Solar power is currently already being used at five Tokmanni stores and at the Mäntsälä administrative and logistics centre.

“Tokmanni’s aim is to utilise solar power at more than 30 stores by the end of 2021. By significantly increasing our utilisation of solar power, we can reduce our climate load as well as costs,” says Harri Koponen, Store Network and Concept Director.

With the addition of the new plants, the overall power generated by the solar power plants used by Tokmanni will grow from more than 1 MW currently to almost 6 MW. In total, it is estimated these solar power plants will generate close to 5,000 MWh of electricity annually, corresponding to the annual electricity consumption of around 2,400 small apartments or approximately 24,000,000 kilometres driven by an electric car*. At the end of 2021, there will be an estimated 21,000 solar panels on the roofs of Tokmanni stores.

The total output of each solar power plant will vary according to the size and needs of each store, but they are expected to typically generate around 10–15% of their store’s annual overall electricity consumption. Solar energy is used in lighting and refrigeration equipment, for example. In some exceptional cases, it is possible that the electricity generated by the stores’ solar power plants could be supplied to the power grid to be sold.

“Solar power is excellently suited to retail premises. We can make good use of the roofs at the properties managed by Tokmanni while reducing the climate load in a meaningful way. Tokmanni is one of the largest users of solar power in Finland,” says Antti Koskelainen, CEO of Solarigo Systems Oy.

Energy-efficient business

The reduction of climate impacts is one of the most important areas of corporate responsibility at Tokmanni. The main emphasis of Tokmanni’s climate strategy is the climate impacts of its own operations, that is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the energy usage of its properties.

Tokmanni’s target is to achieve carbon neutrality regarding the emissions of its properties, air travel and leasing cars by 2030. The target can be achieved by reducing energy consumption, improving energy efficiency, using renewable energy, purchasing renewable energy certificates and offsetting the emissions caused by air travel.

By investing in solar power Tokmanni is promoting the production of renewable energy, reducing CO₂ emissions and mitigating climate change in accordance with its principles of responsibility.

“The buildings where our stores are located often have a large roof area that can be utilised. The use of solar power improves our energy self-sufficiency. Our decision to increase our output of solar power by adding around 30 new solar power plants shows that we take climate change seriously and want to do our bit in mitigating it,” says Koponen.

Tokmanni introduced its first solar power plant at its Jämsä store in 2016. Tokmanni’s most significant solar power plant, which is one of the largest in Finland, is located at the company’s 80,400 square metre administrative and logistics centre in Mäntsälä. The solar power plant, with its 3,000 solar panels and maximum power of 825 kWp, which was inaugurated last year is estimated to generate around 677,000 kWh of electricity annually.

Through the use of solar energy, Tokmanni has so far managed to reduce its CO₂ emissions by approximately 77,400 kgCO₂**. Once the new power plants are completed, the total reduction achieved from all of Tokmanni’s power plants will be around 790,000 kgCO₂ annually***.

The company is constantly exploring new opportunities for cutting energy consumption and using renewable energy.

“Our goal is to grow our store network to over 200 stores, and we will aim to install solar panels on the roof of every new store if the building’s structures allow it,” Koponen adds.

The following Tokmanni locations already have a solar power plant:

Tokmanni Jämsä, commissioned in 2016
Tokmanni Savonlinna, commissioned in 2017
Tokmanni’s administrative and logistics centre, Mäntsälä, commissioned in 2018
Tokmanni Kalajoki, commissioned in 2018
Tokmanni Kouvola Tornionmäki, commissioned in 2018
Tokmanni Lielahti, car wash, commissioned in 2019

For example, these locations will get a solar power plant in 2019–2021:

Tokmanni Forssa
Tokmanni Hollola
Tokmanni Hämeenkyrö
Tokmanni Iisalmi
Tokmanni Ilmajoki
Tokmanni Joutsa
Tokmanni Järvenpää
Tokmanni Klaukkala
Tokmanni Lieto
Tokmanni Masku
Tokmanni Mänttä
Tokmanni Nastola
Tokmanni Tuusula
Tokmanni Uusikaupunki
Tokmanni Vanhakylä

* The calculations use the figure of 2,000 kWh as the annual electricity consumption of an apartment and the figure of 20 kWh as the electricity consumption of an electric car for every 100 kilometres driven.

** Tokmanni’s current emissions reduction of 77,400 kgCO₂ achieved with solar power is based on measured output data for the period of September 2016 – April 2019. The calculations use the average CO₂ emissions factor for electricity generation in Finland (calculated as a five-year moving average), which is 164 kgCO₂/MWh.

*** The calculations use the average CO₂ emissions factor for electricity generation in Finland (calculated as a five-year moving average), which is 164 kgCO₂/MWh.


For further information, please contact:

Harri Koponen
Store Network and Concept Director
Tokmanni Oy

Tel. +358 20 728 6030

Maarit Mikkonen
Head of IR and Communications
Tokmanni Oy

Tel. +358 40 562 2282

Antti Koskelainen
CEO, Co-Founder
Solarigo Systems Oy

Tel. +358 40 726 7673

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Solarigo is a Finnish energy company offering renewable solar power. Solarigo invests in solar power systems, provides solar energy generated on the spot and delivers entire solar power systems to its customers.