Tokmanni Group’s Dollarstore continues its expansion in Denmark – Plans to open 8 new Big Dollar stores during 2024-2025

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Tokmani Group Corporation     Press release     10 July 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

At the moment, there are five Big Dollar stores in Denmark. The latest Big Dollar store was opened in Frederikshavn in May this year. The store chain is operated by the Swedish discount retailer Dollarstore, which has been part of the Finnish variety discount retailer Tokmanni Group since August 2023. The photo above is from the Big Dollar store in Hjørring, Denmark.

The Swedish discount retailer Dollarstore, which Finnish variety discount retailer Tokmanni Group acquired in August 2023, has entered into agreements on opening 8 new Big Dollar stores in Denmark during 2024-2025. With these store openings, Big Dollar’s store network will grow to 13 stores. Please note, that the store opening schedules mentioned below are in accordance with the current information and may be subject to change.

According to these agreements, Big Dollar store chain, which is operated by Dollarstore, will open two more new stores in Denmark this year. These stores will open their doors for the first time in Randers and Grena (or Grenå) in November. The latest new store, which was the fifth Big Dollar store in total, was opened in Frederikshavn in May this year.

In addition, in 2025, Big Dollar aims to open six new stores. During the second quarter of 2025, new Big Dollar stores are planned to be opened in Aalborg (or Ålborg), Esbjerg, and Skive. During the last quarter of the year, the goal is to celebrate the openings of the new Big Dollar stores in Ringsted, Sønderborg, and Thisted.

Big Dollar currently has five stores: in Frederikshavn, Hjørring, Holbæk, Næstved, and Brønderslev.

Apart from the name, the general appearance and brand identity of the Big Dollar store chain largely follows those of Dollarstore chain. Both Dollarstore and Big Dollar always aim to offer their customers something extra and a joyful shopping experience where you never know what to expect. Shopping at their stores is meant to be an exciting treasure hunt, with great products and great prices. With a wide range of products within beauty, hygiene, cleaning supplies, snacks, home décor, seasonal items and a lot more, Dollarstore and Big Dollar stores are designed to have something for everyone - no matter who you are.

”We’re very happy to expand our presence in Middle Jutland with the openings in Randers and Grenå later this year. And with the six new openings spread around the country during 2025, we’re going to be able to offer even more customers great products to great prices, with we’re very excited about.

All these new additions to the Dollarstore family are a part of our expansion strategy, which will continue the following years to come”, says Peter Jakobsen, Country Manager at Big Dollar.

The Big Dollar stores have a planned size of approximately 3.200 square metres in total, with an expected sales area of minimum 2.600 square metres.

Dollarstore will announce more information about these upcoming Big Dollar stores closer to their opening ceremonies.

Surprise buckets, which have been extremely popular among Tokmanni’s customers, have made their way from Finland to Sweden and Denmark. For decades, these famous buckets have been filled with various product gifts and given to the first customers on the opening day of a new Tokmanni store.

Big Dollar and Dollarstore focus on offering an exciting and unexpected and joyful shopping experience as well as takes great pride in being able to exceed customer expectations in terms of product range and low prices. The photo above is from the Dollarstore store in Järfalla, Sweden.


For further information, please contact:

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Head of Communications
Dollarstore (including Big Dollar)

Tel. +46 70 085 23 28

Maarit Mikkonen
Head of IR and Communications

Tel. +358 40 562 2282



Dollarstore, founded in 1994, is one of the largest low-price players in Sweden with a wide product range in fashion & beauty, snacks & drinks, home furnishings, cleaning, season & party, leisure & toys, animals and other. Dollarstore currently has 131 Dollarstore stores all over Sweden and five stores in Denmark under the name Big Dollar. There are a total of approximately 2,000 employees in Sweden and Denmark.

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