The Best 4 Sportsbooks in West Virginia – Top WV Apps Ranked By User Experience, Payout Speed and more

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A little history on sports betting in West Virginia (WV)

Go back a few years from now, and dealing with an online bookie, otherwise known as a sportsbook, was met with both delight and doubt. On one hand, there was the thrill of taking a risk on sports events and waiting for your prediction to come true. On the other side of the fence, though, a lot of players were anxious about their odds and whether the websites would renege.

But all that bias didn't really matter at the time, because sports betting wasn't legal in West Virginia. Now, though, like it or hate it, sportsbooks are here to stay, and some gamblers have been making a living off it. Anybody else doubting just has not yet developed a disciplined playstyle.


Understanding How a Sports Betting Website Operates

All sportsbooks are simple in a way that they'll offer you odds that you can't refuse on a particular sports event. So, in principle, betting on either side of, let's say a rugby fixture, is an opportunity to win. But then, let's keep in mind that each bookie has the flexibility of controlling the odds they offer to players. However, while each online sportsbook tries to be special, they have some strong similarities, which is why their bet types are similar. From the likes of straight bets, first-half derivatives and point spread to the totals, parlays and future bets, there's an established order to follow. In the end, the sportsbook understands that their users practice different betting strategies, so they try to meet that challenge halfway.


For us, any leeway they get as far as the review score goes is determined by six factors, which are;

  • User-interface simplicity and navigation

  • Ease of bet
  • Payout speeds
  • Promos and whether their odds are beatable
  • Live play integration
  • Bang for buck, since odds differ depending on the bet types


First a Look at the Top 4 Sportsbooks in West Virginia (WV)


Editor's notes


Our ranking

William Hill

A great bookie, with tons of sports betting varieties to keep us hooked. They support different sports bets, including parlays and first-half derivatives. Plus, their welcome bonus is diverse and substantial, offering up to $5,000 in cash.

NFL, NBA College (football and basketball), golf, soccer and 23 more.



BetRivers is one of the best options for gamblers interested in MoneylineBasketball holds because their vig is right around the industry average. If you're into non-major sports, another bookie might be more suitable for you.

NFL, NBA, MLB, soccer, UFC/MMA, boxing, golf, motorsports and 10 more.


Draft Kings

The highlight is that there's more than $1,000 in cash for newbies, though you need a substantial amount of cash to trigger the bonus. But if you can look past that little inconvenience, you'll soon find its perks – and then some. The UI is functional, bet limits are budget-friendly and bets are easy to make.

Boxing, IndyCar, NHL, college basketball and college football, MLB and up to 15 more.



From an impressive array of sports to take in, to easy signup with plenty of sports bonuses and tournaments, you can't run out of fun events and perks to try out.

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and more than 15 others.


Naturally, each sportsbook that you see has unique advantages that you might not find elsewhere. At the same time, one should keep an eye on the cons, since they can affect your experience negatively.


In-depth Look at the Best 4 Sportsbooks in West Virginia

William Hill (Caesars Sportsbook)

Founded over 50 years ago, William Hill already had enough reputation as a gambling platform, offering quality sportsbook games and sports betting options before it was acquired by Caesars Entertainment. Now called Caesars Sportsbook, players can win up to $5,000 in welcome bonus funds to explore the huge pool of options available.

Just as a quick recap, the bookie offers fast deposits and payouts using popular payment methods including credit cards and e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill. As for the payment limits, the minimum deposit and withdrawal accepted by the sportsbook ranges from $5 to $10. Withdrawals are also swiftly handled – from one to three days for most options.


It's easy to find a bet and bet my money down at Caesars Sportsbook.

The sportsbook isn't that hard to navigate, down to finding the payment methods page, for instance. Live betting is an option and a well-integrated one at that.


We've heard reports of gameplay lags and glitches, though they're not that common. Usually, it ranges from glitches in the live-bet menu to login issues.

They made different apps for different US states, so their services aren't centralized. For one, Arizona's betting app is different to West Virginia’s app.

The live chat is only accessible through the browser client and isn't even available on the mobile app.



While BetRivers isn't the most modern-looking sportsbook out there, it still gets the job done. Deposits start from $10 and for that amount, I've got more than 20 sports to bet on. As an example, more than 200 wagering options for NFL and NBA games are available. Besides that, there's also a $250 welcome bonus to be triggered. Notable features that make the experience worthwhile are the Stats Hub, Odds Boost and Cash-out sub-menus.


The desktop site is excellent, with navigation right up there with the industry's best.

Appealing deposit match welcome bonus but you do need some cash to trigger it.

Quick and reliable payouts but that's if you don't go for the ACH transfer, since that takes from two to five days to handle payments.


They have a rather limited set of payment methods, so it's either you transfer the cash to their bank account or sign up for the BetRivers Play+ card.

The mobile app has suffered from glitches in the past and it still suffers to date. Generally, most lags occur on smartphones, with the desktop client free of those bugs.

Bonuses and promotions are not this sportsbook's forte.

For reasons known only to the admin, the customer service is not available 24/7.



The highlight is the $1,000 cash they offer to players that are new here, but then, there's so much more to this bookie than their not so wager-friendly welcome bonus. First, their list of payment options is common, including PayPal and credit card options such as Mastercard, so there's no need to sign up with another payment channel.

They also have spending control limits like self-exclusion and cool-off periods to help mitigate addiction to gambling. That said, we found more than 15 sports to bet on, and for each one there are hundreds of wagering options.


The UI engineers did a lot of good work, making the sportsbook easy to operate and bets simple to make.

They included fast, reliable and flexible payout methods.


The wonderful thing about duality is that there's both a good and bad side to things, and the bad side to the welcome bonus offer is that it only offers back 20% of what's deposited.

DraftKings' bet commissions are kind of on the high side, so if you're a more avid bettor, keep in mind that the vig, while small initially, adds up quickly over time.

There's no live chat so it sometimes takes up to an hour to get queries solved.



Offering a welcome bonus of up to $1,000, the bookie covers a wide selection of games that are intuitively introduced, regardless of which platform we used to bet. Though the desktop client is more robust than on smartphones because of the bigger screen, betting on both is straightforward.

The bookies’ vig also conforms with the industry average so there's plenty of value in those bets. Finally, for interested players, there's also a casino full of diverse options and cost-friendly bet limits.


The range of bets is awesome and a golden example of how a bookie can cater to different playstyles.

The sportsbook includes a boosted parlay feature, which helps with getting an edge.

The usability of the mobile app is incredibly high, and the graphics and animations are sleek.

Available in 13 US states.


The website’s layout could be better, since I've gotten lost more than once trying to find a sports event.

Sadly, there is no live chat support.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sportsbooks gambling app?

Sure, the sportsbook might have a gaming app but that doesn't mean it's the best in the industry, which is why we use several factors to determine how good the mobile or desktop app is. In most cases, though, there's a mobile app and for the best overall experience, we recommend DraftKings' mobile application.

If you're new to sports betting online, BetMGM is one of the best platforms to use. But if you're looking for a chunky deposit bonus, BetRivers offers one for players who download their mobile app.


When did West Virginia legalize sports gambling?

A few bills were introduced to legislators in 2018 in a bid to legalize sports betting in West Virginia. They worked on it for five months, starting from March up until August 30 before they could legalize sports betting. This made West Virginia the fifth state in the United States to legalize sports betting.


Where can I bet on football games?

William Hill and BetRivers are great sportsbooks to place your stake on football matches because they're not only intuitively presented, they also feature some attractive vig. Just make sure to watch out for the payment channels that BetRivers offers, since there are no common payment methods.


How old do I need to be to bet on sports in West Virginia?

The legal age to bet at a sportsbook is 21 years, which compared to offshore bookies is three years older. Failure to comply with this rule means your account might be blocked, with your funds still inside. And if you're wondering how exactly they'll get your correct details, the bookie requests a KYC check immediately you try to withdraw your winnings.


Do I need to live in WV to bet on sports online in WV?

Yes, you have to be in WV before you'll be allowed to bet on sports online. But chances are that the sportsbook is supported in other US states, so it doesn't matter which state you're from. In short, interstate betting isn't allowed due to several federal and state laws. Sportsbooks in WV are required to use geolocation verification software to verify each of their player's physical location at all times.


Is it legal for someone in WV to place bets for you?

No, it isn't legal for anybody to make bets on your behalf in West Virginia, and doing so can incur some penalties, such as your account being closed indefinitely.



When picking an online bookie, there are tons of considerations to be aware of and some options are just left up to personal preferences. That said, we did manage to review a few of the top bookies that you can enjoy in West Virginia. They all have a well-rounded sports list and their bet limits are flexible. Besides that, these bookies all have familiar deposit and withdrawal options, so getting money in and out is fast. All in all, these are all worth a try, especially as they're keen on self-development and variety, so things are bound to be interesting, regardless of which platform you go for.

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