Monthly Payments Make Buying and Installing an Axtec Weighbridge Quick and Easy – For Improved Fleet Efficiency

  • Spread the cost of investing in an Axtec weighbridge with its easy finance scheme – with fixed monthly instalments, plus a final payment
  • Financially efficient and often easier than waiting for approval for single capital outlay, so likely to be installed sooner for immediate benefits
  • Axtec weighbridge is only one of its type with accuracy to within 0.25%, so can be approved for public use for additional revenue generation
  • Trust Axtec to keep your vehicles legal – and loaded to max capacity

Axtec, the UK’s only specialist supplier of axle weighing systems, has a monthly payment scheme to make buying and installing one of its axle weighbridges even easier and, without waiting for some approval processes, often quicker. This means operators can start to benefit from a more efficient and legal fleet sooner.

Called AIM (Axtec Install & Maintain), instead of a single capital payment, the axle weighbridge is financed with monthly instalments plus a small final payment to complete the purchase. Installation and any associated construction work, plus ongoing maintenance and calibration throughout the contract period, are included.

Explaining AIM in more detail, Keith Gresham, Managing Director, Axtec said: “We appreciate that many organisations are under budgetary pressure, or have lengthy capital expenditure approval processes, so we introduced a way to make installing a weighbridge quicker and easier for them, without the need to commit capital funding”

“With AIM, we work closely with the customer to work out the period of time to finance the purchase over, discuss their technical requirements, and agree a routine maintenance and calibration schedule. When the contract period expires, the customer makes a small final payment and takes ownership of the weighbridge, or it can be returned to us,” added Keith.

An early adopter of the AIM scheme is Cartwright Bros of Hykeham near Lincoln (, which runs a fleet of 60 trucks and 80 trailers on general haulage work. It is part of the Pall-Ex freight distribution network, covering North Lincolnshire into South Humberside.

As the Axtec dynamic weighbridge is accurate to within +/- 0.25 per cent, it is the only one of its type that can be approved to be a public weighbridge, and Cartwright Bros has created an additional revenue stream by allowing other local operators to use it.

Cartwright Bros has about 2,500 Pall-Ex consignments a week, but considerable variation between consignment weights makes it a challenge to ensure each vehicle’s payload is fully optimised and it is operating within its legal axle and gross weight limits. The Axtec system delivers all of this information in just the few seconds that it takes a vehicle – of any axle configuration – to drive over the weighing plate.

For general haulage, Cartwright Bros uses the Axtec weighbridge to get accurate tare weights for every vehicle and trailer. That information is recorded on a spreadsheet which then enables the traffic office to see at a glance which truck or tractor/trailer combination is best suited to a load when a customer calls.

“This is helping us use our fleet more efficiently and to respond to customers quicker as we send an SMS message to the driver and the load can be collected immediately. This also raises the comfort factor for our drivers who know that when they pick up a load there can be no doubt it will be legal which helps protect their own licence as well as our business’ ‘O’ licence,” says director Jamie Cartwright.

With a national shortage of public weighbridges, installing an Axtec weighbridge at locations such as commercial vehicle dealerships, vehicle bodybuilders, or truck stops can provide a valuable source of revenue generation and payback the costs in less than three years. And that doesn’t take account of the benefits that are gained in measurable productivity and efficiency improvements.

For more details about the Axtec dynamic, static, on-board and portable axle weighing solutions visit, call 01928 581575, or

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Notes to editors:

Based in Runcorn, Cheshire, Axtec (Axle Weight Technology Limited) is the UK’s only specialist in axle weighing systems. It undertakes all R&D, software testing, fabrication, construction and installation itself, so can guarantee the best quality and customer support.  Its extensive portfolio of products are suitable for any size of vehicle and includes its unique Axtec On-Board axle load indicator and the Series 4000 Dynamic Weighbridge, which is the most accurate of its type in the world with official certification that verifies its accuracy to within 0.25%.  Axtec is also the sole contractor to the government body VOSA (Vehicle Operating and Standards Agency) for the maintenance of its national network of roadside vehicle weight enforcement weighbridges, the majority of which are Axtec dynamic weighbridges.

For further information please contact:

Derek Hack, Axtec                            
t: 01928 581575/07831 367847

Belle Moss, torque                             
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