Tata Steel: innovative zinc-magnesium coating now also available for automotive outer panels

Tata Steel has expanded its range of MagiZinc® hot-dip galvanised coatings with a Full Finish variant*. As a result, the benefits of the zinc-magnesium coatings – such as considerably higher corrosion protection and improved press shop performance, with less downtime – are now also available for automotive outer panels. For these critical parts a clean and efficient process is particularly important.

MagiZinc Auto is produced at the DVL3 line at IJmuiden in the Netherlands, Tata Steel’s largest plant in Europe. This hot-dip galvanising facility is capable of producing some of the widest coated material in the world and is the only one able to process zinc-magnesium coatings in widths of up to 2,020 millimetres. The new MagiZinc Auto Full Finish product range is now available and going through validation testing at several major European vehicle manufacturers.

Complex shaped outer panels, such as hoods, doors, body sides, fenders and tailgates, are the parts where the benefits are particularly noticeable. MagiZinc Auto’s 25 per cent lower zinc abrasion significantly reduces zinc adhesion as well as tool pollution, extending press operating time by 30 percent. Previously, the processing of zinc-coated parts had to be interrupted frequently for tool cleaning and maintenance to ensure the desired high quality level. Another advantage is the enhanced corrosion protection provided by MagiZinc Auto, which is twice that of conventional zinc coatings and has excellent resistance to stone chipping, enabling a reduction in coating thickness. These benefits make Tata Steel’s innovative coating of zinc alloyed with magnesium and aluminium a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to conventional steels, delivering excellent surface quality on outer panels without the need for further treatments.

Henrik Adam, Tata Steel’s Chief Commercial Officer in Europe, said: “We have continuously adapted MagiZinc Auto to better meet the requirements of our automotive customers. In 2013 we launched MagiZinc Auto production for interior vehicle parts. Due to increasingly high demand for larger steel panels, we invested in the DVL3 line, expanding the size range so it can now coat steel sheet up to 2,020 millimetres wide. The new Full Finish variant now completes the MagiZinc Auto offer.”

The TCO Scan MagiZinc Tata Steel offers is particularly suited to MagiZinc Auto Full Finish. The engineering service can be used to demonstrate the benefits this new hot-dip galvanised steel can offer in individual manufacturers’ processes and to precisely quantify the savings potential for the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Trouble-free operation in the press shop is particularly important for meeting the high-quality surfaces demanded for outer panels – and low zinc abrasion and reduced tool pollution ensure less downtime for presses and minimise scrap rates.

Tata Steel is currently working on combining MagiZinc with its optimised steel surface technology, Serica. In addition to the benefits of the innovative zinc-magnesium coating, this combination will enable vehicle manufacturers to improve the paint appearance of their outer panels and lower their costs. Serica is notable for a guaranteed low waviness of less than 0.40 μm at five percent strain after forming and was specially developed to achieve an outstanding paint appearance for outer panels. The combination of MagiZinc Auto and Serica facilitates exceptionally high-quality outer panels with premium surface finish and improved production efficiency.


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To find out more about MagiZinc Auto Full Finish, we’re running a webinar for customers on 24 November 2015. It’s an opportunity to hear our experts explain the science behind the product and how its special properties ensure product consistency and reduce processing costs for outer panels.

Notes to editors

* At Tata Steel, Full Finish steels are put through even tougher quality requirements in every single production step than regular hot-dip galvanised steel grades – from casting, through hot forming and pickling to cold rolling. In addition, specific measures ensure that MagiZinc Auto Full Finish has the high surface quality required for outer panels.

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Due to increasingly high demand for larger steel panels, we invested in the DVL3 line, expanding the size range so it can now coat steel sheet up to 2,020 millimetres wide
Henrik Adam, Tata Steel’s Chief Commercial Officer in Europe