Transfer Galaxy continues partnering with innovative fintechs, now with Acuminor

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The Swedish risk management company Acuminor collects information on criminal methods from hundreds of sources across the world and the result is delivered digitally through Acuminor’s solution.

Transfer Galaxy has selected Acuminor’s flagship product, Risk Assessment Pro, to ensure a complete coverage of the risks and threats within the operations. Acuminor’s up to date financial crime threat intelligence will structure and automate the way Transfer Galaxy gather and analyze insights and reports related to criminal activity, which will improve the quality of the risk assessment and reduce the resources needed.

– Our service gives our customers the opportunity to send much needed money abroad smoothly and safely, and we need effective ways to identify the minority of potential users who wants to use our services for possible illegal activity, says Martina Etemad, Chief Legal Officer at Transfer Galaxy.

Financial services is a high-risk business area and Transfer Galaxy is dedicated to ensuring they have a robust financial crime framework in order to comply with the anti-financial crime regulations.

– As we are growing fast, we want to make sure that we have a safe, secure, and scalable process for our risk assessment, says Martina Etemad.

About Transfer Galaxy
Transfer Galaxy is trying to make the world a little bit fairer by democratizing international payments and making remittances cheaper, safer and smarter. With the help of technology, Transfer Galaxy can transfer monies to the other side of the world within seconds. Straight to a mobile wallet. Supporting loved ones far away has never been easier.

About Acuminor
The methods used by criminals is constantly evolving and each organisation faces different risks as a result. With help of expertise and powerful technology, Acuminor’s risk analysis platform provides unique insights into threats and risks from money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations. This enables you to know your risks and reduce them before it’s too late. 

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