Government inquiry opens the door to the taxi industry

New bill enables for Transiro Int. AB to break through to the taxi industry. According to new information from the government inquiry of the taxi industry, solutions such as the company’s are advocated over the traditional taximeter.

In July 2015, the government appointed an inquiry to review the existing laws for the taxi industry. The taximeter, which is mandatory in vehicles used in taxi services, must be firmly installed in the car. Removal and installation of new equipment can become very expensive for the taxi company.

The bills presented by the inquiry propose, among other things, an introduction of a new type of control equipment for taxi vehicles, and that vehicles that implement this equipment should not require a taximeter. This opens doors for Transiro Int. AB's products to make a breakthrough in the taxi industry as taximeters, in the future, may be replaced by apps to calculate prices and generate control data.

The company's product range already includes these solutions but for other types of companies in transport and public transport. After a small adjustment to the products the company’s goal is to revolutionize even the taxi industry. Currently work is underway to develop a version of Transiro 2.0 and related applications that are specially adapted for the taxi business. The development of the products are made in collaboration with Green Apple Cab AB, a taxi company in Stockholm that has years of expertise in the field, and recently signed an agreement with Transiro Int. AB.

"It feels good that the government has realized that the taxi industry is facing a digital transformation. A change in the law would enable new opportunities, especially for the taxi companies, to use the potential of the digitization. We know that our work together with Green Apple Cab AB, to develop a taxi adapted version of Transiro 2.0, is timely. This statement from the inquiry confirms this. We are confident in our ability to succeed with our products in the taxi industry. "says Tobias Beckman, CEO of Transiro.

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