Transiro 2.0 ready for launch

Transiro announces that the development of the updated product package Transiro 2.0 is completed. The company will now focus on increasing their sales and create profitability for its customers.

Transiro has recently developed a new version of its existing product packages, and developed new products to help its customers meet today’s requirements for digital solutions set on businesses within the transportation industry. The development of the first version of Transiro 2.0 is now finished, and the company can put its resources on increasing its revenue by introducing Transiro 2.0 on the market.

The new version will help Transiro to be more competitive and make the decision easier for companies in the transportation industry, to replace their existing systems to Transiro 2.0.

"We are thrilled that we are finally ready to launch Transiro 2.0. This is a big step in the direction we want to go in order to make life easier for people, by offering innovative solutions for the transportation industry. Now that the development work is completed, we can focus our resources on activities that increase our revenues.", says Tobias Beckman, CEO of Transiro Int. AB.

Transiro 2.0 comes with new features such as the drivers app, a mobile application for drivers, which gives the customer information, including real-time positioning of vehicles and estimated arrival times, using GPS. Another novelty is the system for order processing, that Transiro developed to help customers to easily organize their incoming orders and get continuous follow-ups.

For more information, please contact:

CEO Transiro - Tobias Beckman
Phone: +46 8 684 284 01

Chairman Transiro - Thomas Edselius
Tel: +46 730 911 211

About us

Transiro develops cloud-based products that help companies in the transport industry to strengthen their critical business processes. By visualizing and managing vehicles more efficiently, Transiro helps customers save time, resources and on is environment friendly. A broad functionality, including support for e-commerce and mobile devices, allows Transiro to replace the need of multiple systems within the transport business. With leading-edge technology and constant innovation, Transiro delivers tomorrow's transport solutions - today.

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