Transiro will increase sales with content marketing

Transiro starts using content marketing and lead generation to cost-effectively increase sales through digital channels.

IT-company Transiro are now focusing on greater visibility in the digital realm. The decision to start using content marketing and lead generation is a step towards establishing the company on the Swedish market, which is one of the goals for 2017.

With digital content marketing the objective is to simplify the sales process and give potential customers a better experience by providing valuable content in the form of blog posts. In combination with online advertising efforts, this will generate relevant sales contacts to the company's sales organization.

"We are at an interesting stage where a digital marketing effort will strengthen our brand and generate increased business. We offer our clients digital solutions, making online marketing very relevant to us. One of our goals for 2017 is to establish ourselves on the Swedish market, and through content marketing and lead generation, we will streamline our sales process and provide our salespeople with more hot leads. "- Tobias Beckman, CEO of Transiro.

For more information, please contact:

CEO Transiro - Tobias Beckman
Phone: +46 8 684 284 01

Chairman Transiro - Thomas Edselius
Tel: +46 730 911 211

About us

Transiro develops cloud-based products that help companies in the transport industry to strengthen their critical business processes. By visualizing and managing vehicles more efficiently, Transiro helps customers save time, resources and on is environment friendly. A broad functionality, including support for e-commerce and mobile devices, allows Transiro to replace the need of multiple systems within the transport business. With leading-edge technology and constant innovation, Transiro delivers tomorrow's transport solutions - today.

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