Transport takes up the fight for food courier’s working conditions

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On 10 and 12 October, the main hearing in the Swedish Labour Court was held in the case between Transport and the company Foodora. The case concerns a single member who worked as a bicycle- and moped rider for Foodora between 2019 and 2021. After two years as a food courier, the member could no longer log in to the company’s application and therefore no longer receive any work shifts.

Transport believes that the member was unfairly dismissed and has requested damages of SEK 200,000. Foodora, on the other hand, claims that the member was hired from the umbrella company Pay Salary. 

- Transport will always fight for everyone's right to equal and fair conditions. Fair conditions should apply to everyone in Sweden and not least to those who work with food deliveries in the so-called "platform sector", says Transport's chairman Tommy Wreeth. 

The case is of fundamental value. It is about testing the employment status of food couriers. If the court agrees with Transport, many food couriers will have a clear employer. If the court agrees with Foodora, it risks undermining the Swedish model. If the court considers Pay Salary to be a temporary employment agency, it may eventually mean that umbrella /payroll companies will have to sign the collective bargaining agreement for temporary employment agencies. 

The practice of "hiring in" staff from umbrella companies is very common in the platform sector. This autumn, the European Parliament will decide on the EU Platforms Directive, which will include discussions on the presumption of workers and the employment status of platform workers.  

- This case in the Labour Court is therefore very important. We hope that with the help of the court we can pave the way for some kind of practice in Sweden. It is time that more companies in the sector employ their staff and take on employer responsibility," says Tommy Wreeth. 

The Labour Court's decision is expected in November 23.

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