Trend and EX-OR team up to attend the Education Estates Exhibition

Trend Control Systems and Ex-Or Lighting Controls will attend the Education Estates Exhibition, 18-19thOctober at the Manchester Central, with a message for building managers to seek specialist advice when it comes to maximising comfort and productivity in schools and colleges by ensuring that lighting and HVAC work together effectively.

Educational establishments are under increasing pressure to reduce the amount of energy used in the running of their buildings, but at the same time the occupants’ comfort demands must be met, if not exceeded. Whatever the energy targets may be, as a learning establishment the school must be fit for purpose, and provide the right learning environment.

Whilst a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) can control and monitor all facets of HVAC, classroom ventilation, energy and lighting, etc, it also has to fulfill the design and operational functionality, plus stay within the budget criteria for both the construction and life cycle of the school. 

Trend’s advice is to engage with a controls specialist at the initial design stages in order to devise a simple and holistic solution that will meet KPIs, be user friendly for the operator and have educational benefit for the students.

According to Casey Wells, Marketing Manager for Trend Controls: “We will be urging visitors to our stand to consider the total cost of ownership from the outset of a project, and we have some convincing examples to share.”

For further information please call Trend Marketing on 01403 211888 or email

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