LET’S GET IT ON: ‘Marvin Gaye’ serenades endangered monkeys in Trentham during mating season

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This week, monkeys at Trentham Monkey Forest were treated to a live performance from love song legend Marvin Gaye to help boost the monkey love this mating season.

Trentham Monkey Forest is home to 140 free roaming Barbary macaques, a tail-less species of monkey that originate from Algeria and Morocco.

As every new addition is so important for the protection of the species, special guest Dave Largie was invited in to serenade the primates, with the most well-known love songs of all time, to help inspire them to ‘get it on’.

David, a highly experienced love song guru, sang several Marvin Gaye classics to the monkeys whilst in amongst them and they seemed very relaxed and full of love!

Some classic Barbary macaque ‘lovey dovey’ behaviour was on display during the performance such as grooming and teeth chattering. Who knows? Maybe there’s something in it and the park will have a record number of babies come the summer!

Park Director Matt Lovatt said “Monkeys being serenaded by Marvin Gaye – who’d have thought it!

We thought it could be a creative way to encourage our females to show a little affection to males that might not have been so lucky in love. Females in season mate with several males so paternity amongst our furry residents is never known. Each birth is vital to the species with Barbary macaques being classed as endangered.

Birthing season occurs in late spring/early summer each year, so hopefully Marvin’s done his magic and we can welcome some new babies. !”

Whilst open, visitors can walk amongst the primates and be AMAZED as the monkeys live as they would in the wild – with no bars or cages. Just 60-acres for the primates to enjoy freely.

The park works closely with organisations to help protect wild Barbary macaques. Monkey Forest also try to educate visitors about the species as frighteningly there are LESS THAN 8,000 wild barbary macaques left on the planet.

Monkey Forest opens its doors on 19th February. Tickets are available and can be booked at www.monkey-forest.com

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  • Images: Available as jpeg files - please request if required. A whole library of photos and media pack exists for Monkey Forest, please contact  marketing@monkey-forest.com with your requirements.


  • Monkey Forest Background: Based on the de Turckheim family’s hugely successful European parks, Trentham Monkey opened in 2005 and provides guests with a unique insight into a highly endangered species. The animals live freely in a setting similar to their natural habitat in Morocco. Visitors to Trentham can observe them at very close quarters. Find out more: www.monkey-forest.com.


  • About Trentham Estate: Trentham Monkey Forest is situated on the 750 acre Trentham Estate where there is an abundance of activities for all the family from lovely Italian Gardens, boutique shops and stunning lake to treetop adventures at Aerial Extreme.