Opcon’s rights issue completed

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Opcon AB (publ) (hereafter referred to as “Opcon” or “the Company”) has completed the rights issue of shares with preferential rights for existing shareholders that was agreed at the Extra General Meeting on 9 November 2012. The rights issue was subscribed for at 92% and the Company will raise around SEK 83.9 million before costs. No guarantee will therefore need to be implemented. The principal owner, B.O. Intressenter, has further increased its shareholding.

During the period 21 November-5 December 2012, Opcon has performed a rights issue of shares with preferential rights for existing shareholders. Subscription rights were used to subscribe for 73.9% of the rights issue. In addition, applications for subscription of shares without subscription rights were received corresponding to 18.1% of the issue amount.
As over 80% of the new issue was subscribed for, the guarantees that were issued will not be required. The rights issue will raise around SEK 83.9 million for the Company before costs. Notification of the allocation of shares subscribed for without preferential rights will be made through distribution of settlement notes and payment shall be made in accordance with instructions. Notification will only be sent to those who will receive an allocation of shares.
Opcon’s largest owner, B.O. Intressenter AB, which is owned by Mats Gabrielsson, the chairman of Opcon’s Board, has in addition to his pro rata allocation, subscribed for around 26 million additional shares in the issue, which means that Mats Gabrielsson’s ownership through companies and related parties will initially amount to around 28%. B.O. Intressenter has also submitted an option to Calamus AB, which is indirectly owned by Rolf Hasselström, the President of Opcon, to acquire 7.6 million shares.
The Extra General Meeting on 9 November 2012 decided to reduce the share capital by SEK 97,628,351.25 to SEK 162,713,918.75, which implies a nominal value of SEK 1.25 per share after the reduction. The rights issue increases the share capital by SEK 209,642,676.25. Following the reduction and the new share issue, the share capital now amounts to SEK 372,356,595. The total number of shares has increased by 167,714,141 and after the rights issue amounts to 297,885,276 shares. The new shares were issued at a price of SEK 0.50 per share.
After the increase in the share capital has been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, subscribed shares that have been paid for (“BTA”) will be replaced with new shares, which should be completed by the beginning of January 2013.
Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag was the financial advisor for the Company in connection with the rights issue.

For further information, please contact

Niklas Johansson, vice president, Investor Relations, tel. 08-466 45 00, 070-592 54 53
Opcon AB, Box 15085, 104 65 Stockholm
Tel. 08-466 45 00, fax 08-716 76 61
e-post: info@opcon.se

The Opcon Group

Opcon is an energy and environmental technology Group that develops, produces and markets systems and products for eco-friendly, efficient and resource-effective use of energy.
Opcon has activities in Sweden, Germany and the UK. There are around 150 employees. The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. The Group has one business area:
Renewable Energy focuses on the following areas: electricity generation based on waste heat, bioenergy-powered heating and CHP plants, pellets plants, drying of biomass, handling systems for biomass, sludge and natural gas, industrial cooling, flue gas condensation, treatment of flue gases and air management systems for fuel cells.
The information in this report is such that Opcon AB (publ) is obliged to disclose in accordance with Swedish securities markets law and/or Swedish law on trading in financial instruments.
This information was released for publication on 11 December 2012 at 08.45 (CET).



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