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Spektri Business Park to implement new innovative energy recycling for energy savings

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Spektri Business Park in Finland is implementing a large-scale project to reduce energy consumption and emissions, with the aim of producing major improvements in the property's energy efficiency. With innovative solutions, the amount of purchased energy needed to heat the area is reduced by up to 80 percent.

Spektri Business Park, owned by CCP 5 LL, the core-plus perpetual fund advised by Tristan Capital Partners, and managed by Trevian Asset Management Oy, was originally Finland's first business park. On the basis of an extensive project study carried out in the business park, comprehensive modernizing energy efficiency measures have now been planned for Spektri, to be implemented in the first three properties of the business park - Pilotti, Duo and Trio. Implementation planning and work on the site will be completed in the spring of 2021.

The planned energy savings will be generated by an energy recycling system utilizing geothermal and heat pump technology. "As an example, the waste heat from the data center located in the property will in future be directed to the area's geoenergy field or to the property's heating network," says Tuomo Niemelä, Chief Technology Officer of Granlund Consulting Oy. The electrical energy consumed by heat pumps can be compensated practically completely by the electricity savings achieved from other building technology. If green energy is also utilized, the property’s carbon footprint will be reduced by about 950 tons per year. “It corresponds to the annual emissions of about 400 houses heated by direct electricity,” Niemelä continues.

After the renovation 80% of heating and 90% of cooling of the properties will be done with geoenergy. In addition, the planned improvements will support to achieve Very Good level in BREEAM certification, which will be later applied for Spektri buildings.

While introducing the new solutions, Spektri will get rid of previous energy-wasting solutions, ensuring that e.g. the air conditioning is energy efficient and the heating system works flexibly with different energy sources. The needed investment to renovate the outdated building technology will be fully compensated through energy savings. ” We did not just want to upgrade the building technology, but in parallel to find ways to improve energy efficiency and indoor conditions. Energy efficiency needs to be improved from both an environmental and a cost perspective, but the most important thing is that the tenants feel comfortable in our premises. The synergy benefits are also indisputable from the property owner's point of view”, says Technical Director Vesa Klemettilä from Trevian Asset Management Oy.

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Spektri Business Park in Finland is implementing a large-scale project to reduce energy consumption and emissions. The property’s carbon footprint is expected to be reduced by about 950 tons per year.
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