Komet joins forces with growth partner Trill Impact to further scale sustainable agricultural irrigation

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Lienz, September 19th, 2022. The leading irrigation components manufacturer Komet Austria GmbH has entered a growth partnership with Trill Impact. Since Komet’s founding in 1952, the second-generation family business has made its mark on resource-efficient agriculture as a global supplier of irrigation components. The company manufactures high-quality sprinklers, regulators, and big volume guns in its state-of-the-art production facility in Austria. With its established sales network, Komet serves local growers around the globe. Increased water efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and ultimately crop yield increases lie at the heart of Komet’s innovative product portfolio. Thereby the company seeks to address global challenges like water scarcity, a growing population, and an increased need for food security. The company’s management, Arno, Viktor, and Hugo Drechsel, intends to scale Komet’s global presence together with Trill Impact.

Together with Trill Impact, Arno, Viktor, and Hugo Drechsel and their experienced and motivated employees plan to further expand the international sales footprint to enter new markets and continuously invest in innovation to introduce new products. Trill Impact will also support further professionalization of the organization, including further expansion of the talent base and increasing brand awareness. Arno, Viktor, and Hugo Drechsel continue to guide the development of the company.

Komet was founded by Roland Drechsel in 1952 and was developed into one of the leading international suppliers of agricultural irrigation components by his three sons, Arno, Hugo, and Victor Drechsel. Today, with its headquarters in Lienz (Austria) and with additional operations in the USA, Brazil, and other agriculture-focused countries, Komet employs around 70 people globally. The company manufactures mission-critical irrigation components for pivot and hose reel systems, i.e., sprinklers, regulators, and big volume guns. Komet’s products are globally known for their strong performance – uniform water distribution, water drop consistency, and low energy consumption – as well as their reliability. These characteristics are a result of the company’s continuous investments in R&D – often in close partnership with farmers and dealers. In the last 20 years, Komet has successfully leveraged its innovative product portfolio and expanded its international sales footprint to enter strategic agriculture growth markets, including the US, Brazil, and Eurasia. The company focuses on what Trill Impact believes is critical technology, required to foster food security worldwide while ensuring sustainability and resource efficiency in agriculture.

Arno Drechsel, CEO, comments: "My brothers and I are happy to have found a partner who shares our vision for efficient and sustainable agriculture and our values and supports our growth aspirations. We are looking forward to working together with Trill Impact to further leverage our strong positioning and grow in strategic agricultural markets and beyond."

Korbinian Knoblach, partner at Trill Impact Advisory, adds: "In our view, the water- and energy-efficient irrigation components of Komet contribute to solving pressing environmental and societal challenges, resulting from increasing water scarcity and an ever-growing global population. Trill Impact sees high-growth potential for Komet with its strong product portfolio in a market being driven by secular long-term trends."

The parties have agreed not to disclose the financial terms of the transaction.

Trill Impact
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Komet Austria GmbH (www.kometirrigation.com) is an Austrian-based family business that manufactures irrigation components (sprinklers, regulators, and big volume guns) for pivot and hose reel irrigation systems. Komet’s products are known for their superior performance – uniform water distribution, water drop size consistency, low energy consumption, and strong reliability – ultimately increasing crop yield. The company has established a global sales and marketing footprint and supplies components to OEMs, dealers, and farmers in key agricultural markets globally, thereby contributing to more sustainable agriculture.

Trill Impact (www.trillimpact.com) is a pioneering Impact House with more than EUR 1 billion in assets under management across its investment strategies. With a team of more than 30 experienced professionals based in Sweden and Germany, Trill Impact aims to become a force for positive change and realize its vision of delivering real returns and lasting impact for the benefit of investors, businesses, and society at large.

SDG- and Impact-Contribution: Komet provides critical components for water- and energy-efficient irrigation, directly contributing to a more sustainable agriculture, which stands at 70% of global water use to date. Through the high effectiveness of its solutions, Komet also enables an increased crop yield that is required by a growing population. The company, therefore, has a direct contribution to SDG 2.3: Double the agricultural productivity, measured in the volume of production per labor unit, and SDG 6.4: Water-use efficiency to ensure sustainable withdrawals of freshwater.

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