About Us

Trimedic meets the complex health needs of women and their families across Canada; our approach moves ideas to innovation to solution to impact. We support the introduction of new devices and medicines through inception and development paving the way by working with the domestic medical community, international partners, government and organizations to introduce and market the safest, most cost-effective and echo friendly of products that will ensure good health is in reach of everyone. We specialize in providing high quality medical supplies, devices, instruments, OTC and niche pharmaceuticals. Our products are used in physician offices, multi-practice clinics and hospitals. Trimedic also works with large pharma who have products in markets which are not large enough to be viable or in therapeutic areas which as a result of other priorities, they are unable to address…..and this is where we come in. Trimedic also reaches beyond just facilitating the movement of medical supplies to clinics and hospitals by providing customers with our proprietary Inventory Management System (TIMS). We electronically tag medical supplies which allows Trimedic to remotely manage your clinic's inventory, optimizing and improving the supply chain experience. The end result is an improved bottom line by reducing cost, enhancing staff efficiency, improving asset productivity and refining patient services, by automating the replenishment of supplies and providing valuable back office data.