Trio enters Nordic collaboration with Nortel to integrate fixed and mobile telephony

Trio enters Nordic collaboration with Nortel to integrate fixed and mobile telephony Trio has initiated collaboration with Nortel Networks regarding sales of Trio PresentOffice Mobile Edition and Nortel Meridian, the world's best selling corporate switch. The combination of the two will enable mobile phones to be used in the same way as fixed lines in Nortel's switch. The first stage of the collaboration involves the Nordic region. Trio PresentOffice Mobile Edition with Mobile Extensions is the market's leading platform-neutral solution for advanced call and message handling within fixed, mobile and IP telephony. Trio PresentOffice already offers call and message handling systems for fixed telephony together with Nortel Meridian. The new collaboration will allow mobile phones to be integrated in the same way as regular lines used for the company's fixed telephony even when users are on the move. Sales have already begun in the Nordic region where Trio and Nortel have been partners since the end of the eighties, handling a large number of installations of Trio PresentOffice and Meridian. Their partners are mainly telecoms operators and systems integrators. "There is definitely a demand for the integration of mobile telephony, particularly in the Nordic region. In Sweden, it's now virtually a requirement. Trio PresentOffice Mobile Edition has mobile functionality that matches that of switches from such companies as Ericsson and Alcatel", says Mats Strömberg, Sales Director at Nortel Networks. "Mobile telephony has become a natural part of the work environment at most companies. It enhances accessibility and makes life easier for employees who are often on the move. But the high-level functionality of fixed telephony is often lost and total telephony costs tend to skyrocket. The solutions offered by Trio and Nortel Networks allow companies to keep control of both their calls and their mobile telephony costs", says Sverker Hannervall, President and CEO of Trio. Trio's unique position is based on call handling for integrated telephony, whereby fixed, mobile and IP telephony are integrated into a single virtual telephony system with the help of Trio PresentOffice and attendants are able to handle all calls in the same way. Some of the most popular functions include a sophisticated attendant workstation, forwarding, voice forwarding, a dynamic corporate directory, voice mailboxes and unified message handling. For more information please contact: Sverker Hannervall, President and CEO, Trio, tel.: +46 8 457 30 05 Mats Strömberg, Sales Director, Nortel Networks, tel.: +46 8 5088 3500 [REMOVED GRAPHICS] About Trio Trio is a corporate group with around 110 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Trio develops and markets systems for fixed, mobile and IP telephony with a view to improving the information flow at companies and enhancing employee accessibility and service. These systems include call-handling systems centring on forwarding functions, as well as convergence solutions for telephony. Convergence solutions involve the full-scale integration of fixed, mobile and IP telephony into a single virtual telephony system that offers the same high level of functionality as fixed telephony. Trio's systems also include mobile centrex solutions and contact and call centre systems. Trio's shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O list. Find out more by visiting our web site at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: