Trio signs call centre agreements worth SEK 3 million

Trio signs call centre agreements worth SEK 3 million Trio has signed agreements with a combined value in excess of SEK 3 million for call and contact centre systems via its subsidiary Objecta. The most notable of these has been signed with Fujitsu Invia, which covers 80 simultaneous attendants, and with Stockholms Stads Bostadsförmedling (the Stockholm City Housing Authority) where its existing voice response system, Bostad Bokning, is being complemented with a staffed call centre. Fujitsu Invia AB has ordered Trio's call and contact centre system, Objecta TeleVoice Agent, for use by 80 simultaneous attendants in Stugun, Jämtland and in Kista outside Stockholm. With Objecta TeleVoice Agent, attendants can handle telephone calls and e-mail in a uniform manner, which means that callers to Fujitsu Invia will receive assistance in a quick, efficient manner. Fujitsu Invia is one of Sweden's leading support companies, handling FöreningsSparbanken's internal helpdesk, support for sales of home PCs and support for KF's (Swedish Coop) Point of Sale system, among other things. Stockholms Stads Bostadsförmedling has ordered Objecta TeleVoice Agent for use by 30 attendants in Stockholm. The call centre will complement the company's voice response service, Bostad Bokning, which was delivered at an earlier stage. Once the system is up and running, callers to Bostad Bokning can choose either its traditional automatic services, such as applying for a particular apartment, or to be connected to an attendant. By complementing these automatic services with the call centre, the company will be able to boost both service levels and availability. Objecta TeleVoice Agent is a complete call and contact centre solution that offers uniform handling of all customer contacts made via telephony, e-mail, fax, call-back, web call-back, voice messages, chat and SMS. The system also incorporates the market's most advanced functions for call prioritisation and call management. "With these orders, Trio is strengthening its position as a supplier of customer service systems. Trio has a long tradition of offering customised voice response services, and its customers include several Swedish commercial banks. By combining voice response services with a call and contact centre, it becomes possible to build a very powerful customer service system", says Sverker Hannervall, Trio's President and CEO. For more information please contact: Sverker Hannervall, President and CEO, Trio, tel.: +46 8 457 30 05 [REMOVED GRAPHICS] About Trio AB Trio is a telecommunications company that develops call handling systems for companies, enabling them to improve both internal efficiency and customer service levels. Almost 2,000 systems have been delivered in the Nordic region, mainly to large and medium-sized companies. Trio's customers include five of the leading Nordic mobile operators. Trio operates in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark and develops three product families. Trio PresentOffice offers integrated telephony and advanced call and message handling. Trio Mobile Office enables a complete transition from fixed to mobile telephony and is subscribed to as a service from mobile operators. Objecta TeleVoice offers solutions for customer support, mainly call and contact centre solutions, as well as automatic services such as voice control and interactive voice response. Trio's shares are listed on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: