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Hillerstorp 11th of November 2016, 10.00 CET

Troax invests in paint plant and doubles capacity

The official inauguration of Troax's new, ultramodern paint plant will take place on the 2nd of December. It has been tested and been in operation for some time, and noticeable benefits for both customers and employees have already been seen.

The new paint plant allows Troax to double the capacity for painting mesh panels, thanks to the new conveyor with both automated and manual loading and unloading of articles. 

 "Thanks to the new paint plant we have more than doubled our capacity compared to the previous, traditional single conveyer", says Christian Höglund, supply chain manager.

    And thanks to the doubled capacity, the company has created shorter lead times and greater flexibility. This has given numerous benefits, not least for the customers.” 

"The paint plant has been upgraded substantially, and we now offer completely new possibilities for our customers to put their own stamp on their mesh panels", says Anders Guhrén, production manager. “The expansion has also improved all process stages and thanks to the faster change-overs, we now have much shorter set-up times.”

Increased demand 

"It all started when we saw a greater need and an increase in demand regarding the painting of our mesh panels", continues Christian Höglund. “This meant that we needed to look at capacity, and planning for construction started in 2013. 

    Three years later, in February 2016, the 4100 square metre paint line opened. This is more than double the area compared to the previous, and now that the plant has been optimized, and configured with all its features, it can be formally inaugurated.

"A major concern has been to ensure that the work environment is suitable for both our working methods and ergonomics. Automated loading and unloading minimizes heavy lifting, and we have integrated the existing robots in the new conveyor system to create greater efficiency", says Magnus Davidsson, head of production technology. 

    With the new paint facility, Troax can also supply different colours more efficiently. 

"We can now quickly switch between colours, whilst improving the quality of the end result by optimizing the amount of powder which also achieves better curing at even temperatures in the new ovens", explains Magnus Davidsson. 

For more information, please contact Christian Höglund, supply chain manager. 

Christian Höglund
Supply Chain Manager
Tel +46 (0)370-828 47

About Troax

Troax is the leading global supplier of indoor perimeter protection (“metal-based mesh panel solutions”) for the market segments: Machine guarding, Warehouse partitioning and Property Protection. Troax develops high quality and innovative safety solutions to protect people, property and processes.

Troax Group AB (publ), Reg. No. 556916-4030, has a global organisation with an unparalleled sales force and efficient logistics setup, enabling local presence and short delivery times in 33 countries.

In 2015 Troax net sales amounted to 103 MEUR and the number of employees amounted to 440 persons. The Company’s head office is located in Hillerstorp, Sweden.





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