Game- and Market Update

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As part of our new IR-strategy we plan to give updates and more transparency about what is going on here at the Trophy Games HQ.

Our first update will be a status on our current business. We furthermore plan to give more insights on acquisitions and their integration and early progress, as well as we plan to give a future business update with info and status on projects and games under development.

If you have any suggestions for our upcoming investor updates or things you want to hear more about, please email


App Store Fees

We are seeing a significant cost reduction of app store transaction fees. Big Tech is being scrutinized for monopoly and are, as a result hereof, reducing their payment fees. 

With current announcements to changes from the app stores we are expecting approx. 1,300,000 DKK saved in transaction expenses, compared to last year. We expect this downward pressure to continue, and the continuance of the lowered fee charge will increase our margins significantly.


Airline Manager 4

We have integrated our latest addition, Xombat, into Trophy Games rather fast for a first-time acquisition and have now commenced improving the game with the founder and developer who also joined our team. So far, we have doubled the organic (non-paid) installs for the game with our App Store Optimization team. Advertising is expanded from German speaking countries only, to global advertising with significantly improved creatives. Next up is developing features to balance the game economy, improving the monetization and then a new design. The game is just released on Steam but awaiting a 14-day approval process that was introduced after the initial approval. 

We are seeing a lot of exciting things and in a few weeks, we will release more insights about our first acquisition, the initial process and the future potential.


Pro 11 & WSM

The new forum, the 3D Stadium feature and the upgraded player models are still in progress with expected release in H2 2021.

We are also working on making the game ready for publishing in China after we signed a publishing contract with CrazySports (holds rights to Chinese Football and NBA in China).

As expected, the IOS 14 release has made advertising targeted at Apple's App Store less effective and we have paused it while we are looking into the best way of targeting IOS users. We have however been able to compensate for the drop in budget of around 20% (200.000 DKK) monthly, by improving the Android campaigns and increasing their budgets with roughly the same amount.


Trophy Manager + FMU

Our two oldest games are, as expected, performing strongly. Our loyal users keep playing, securing a solid predictable long tail. We will keep developing smaller new features for our dedicated core users.



We still have a huge patch under development for this game. The impact of this patch will decide the future involvement in the game. The patch is expected in the second half year of 2021.



We are working hard on our upcoming game releases, and these two titles are where most of our developers spent their time.  

Five remains in beta in 8 countries, but we expect a global release on Google Play within a couple of weeks. 

Warhammer is looking fantastic, and we are eager to show it to the world - you can follow Soul Arena on (where you can sign up for the closed beta that will be released in a month's time) or social media.

A more in-depth update for investors on our future business will be published in July.



We have been able to hire the personnel we wanted and needed, and only have a few more positions left to fill this year. The IPO and our Warhammer title has definitely given us access to more talent in our recruitment process. Right now, we are having interviews for a continuance full time CFO to take over from our interim part time CFO. We have some very skilled candidates applying. 

We are still evaluating and looking into the correct investor relations strategy. We have not been spending any money on it since the IPO but will be using a smaller budget starting soon. We also have focused on making Trophy Games more known in Sweden and have already had exciting meetings with different Swedish investors.


Contact Information
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