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  • Truecaller partners with multiple world leading smartphone manufacturers; targeting 100 million device integrations over the next two years

Truecaller partners with multiple world leading smartphone manufacturers; targeting 100 million device integrations over the next two years

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Truecaller, the leading global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communications, has partnered with several world leading Android smartphone manufacturers to preload the Truecaller app on smartphones in key markets such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Latin America. Truecaller is platform agnostic and aims to work with as many smartphone makers as possible in the future.

“Truecaller remains one of the most downloaded apps in several large countries. However, not every smartphone user is tech-savvy enough to download an app. Anecdotally, we often hear how first-time smartphone users in emerging markets take the help of shopkeepers or friends and family to download Truecaller. This move is in line with our global ambitions to make it available for everyone, but also aims to make Truecaller easier to use for millions of new users.", said Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-founder of Truecaller

“With the latest version of Truecaller pre-installed on several world leading smartphone makers, consumers can be up and running with Truecaller within seconds of setting up their new phone. Although these pre-installs do not automatically generate a new active user on Truecaller, it is an important step to allow more consumers to discover and benefit from the features of Truecaller. Today, we have more than 220 million active users in India, a country with more than 450 million smartphone users. This number is expected to grow to over 700 million smartphone users in the coming three years. During the last two years, our market penetration has grown from 35 percent to almost 50 percent and we see a great potential with these kinds of partnerships to scale this even faster”, Alan Mamedi concludes.

The plan is set to cover over 100 million new Android smartphones in several markets over the next two years. While Truecaller will be pre-installed on the smartphone from the factory, consumers are free to exercise their choice of using the app, with no guarantee of a new active user from start.

For more information, please contact:

Annika Billberg, Head of IR & Communication
+46 702 679791

About Truecaller

We enable safe and relevant conversations between people and make it efficient for businesses to connect with consumers. Fraud and unwanted communication are endemic to digital economies, especially in emerging markets. We are on a mission to build trust in communication. Truecaller is an essential part of everyday communication for over 300 million active users, with half a billion downloads since launch and close to 38 billion unwanted calls identified and blocked in 2021. Headquartered in Stockholm, since 2009, we are a co-founder-led, entrepreneurial company, with a highly experienced management team. Truecaller has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 8 October 2021. For more information, please visit corporate.truecaller.com.


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